Thursday, June 5, 2014

Words, words, words!

                                                                          Attribution: Arthur Lorenzo

Image: Loss for words! Overwhelmed with
Love Togetherness and Devotion (here)

Words, words, words
Sects, sects, sects
There are too many of them
And one is loss for words

All religions seem to be afflicted
Too many sects that breed conflicts
and words left unsaid sound the loudest

Oneupmanship against the other
can bring about killings
The power to influence
is overwhelming

And we've not even touched on
Sex, sex, sex!

No! it'll bring it to another level!
Perhaps for another day
It'll be a different ball-game altogether!

Written for Brian's hosting at d'Verse with MTB  -  when words fail


  1. ha. sex is a whole other animal...words can be just as deadly...and divisive as well....i wonder why we feel the need to separate out instead of coming together....?

  2. I never understood all of the denominations of Christianity. I just believe in the Bible. Makes it simpler.

  3. So many sects of one religion can be confusing and can breed conflicts ~ Are we not speaking of the same words anyway ~

  4. Good one hank, you are right far too much said in the name of religion that has given rise to so much pain in this world. I like the thoughts you express. Well done.

  5. sects and sex--and religion--so well done Hank!

  6. ugh.. sex and religion and one leader that is looked at as if god - that is the most unhealthy combo i can think of

    1. I don't think you should speak of the Dalai Lama in this way!

  7. Any powerful person can fall down due to lack of right words and any unknown person can rise above all just because of words and i think that's politics is all about!!


  8. Yes, everyone wants to own the show.

  9. Even with all the twisted and hidden meanings, it is sometimes better to speak. But you are right, that's what spurs violence from those who feel threatened--and are threatened--by others.

  10. Hank the Rhyming Tank! How come we haven't even touched on
    Sex, sex, sex! It's Friday.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Ha, Hank. Your poem made me smile this morning. Wonderful wordplay as well as some profound wisdom!

  12. lol words can take on far, and you convey things in 10 different ways, religion is sure its own beast

  13. Definitely cases when too much words cause confusion

  14. Mandates, diatribes, excommunications, hypocrisy, pedophilia, sexism, cruelty, arrogance, ignorance--all words tagged with organized religion, & cults & sects; very thought-provoking piece, sir; nice job.

  15. Thoughtful piece...lots of truth

  16. ah! i connect with this. sometimes it is like why cant people talk ... so much for the unwanted use of muscle power

  17. made me smile ......thoughtful......great Hank!