Sunday, June 1, 2014

To chase a dream

                                                                                                 Attribution: Shizhao
Image: Courtship blooming (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #163
chase countless field fluid jovial launch
lean paving propel sturdy terrain scent

To chase a dream countless times
In a field of human endeavor
It is a fluid situation

But one has to launch a start
Paving the right path
To propel a lean program
Along terrain much maligned

It takes sturdy character
Jovial with lots of humor
Faint heart is a disadvantage
A fair lady can scent a phony

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl and Poets United's Poetry Pantry #204


  1. Well expressed my "fair Lady"

  2. Phonies are easy to spot indeed, never get anywhere far being one of those

  3. ha. authenticity is def important...anyone can sell themselves once,
    but it will not last...and relationships are work indeed...
    something we should always be working at...

  4. I've been caught out a time or two on that 'is-that-person-a-phony' and it can sure leave you feelings stupid. Good advice in that poem, Hank.

  5. A sturdy character is essential for most pursuits in life! Nicely (as you say) done!

  6. I love it - not for the faint-hearted, for certain. But the rewards are great if one perseveres - so they tell me, hee hee.

  7. Have to find someone who isn't afraid to be themselves

  8. It is hard to spot the true phonies, as I am finding out, Hank. Well done. Nice compact piece of writing.


  9. hahaha, love the ending of the poem. Yes, a lady can spot a phoney

  10. If we paid closer attention to our intuition, we'd find a whole lot more phonies out there. People so uncomfortable with themselves that they are convinced they must be something else. Which means their dreams are probably phony as well. Constantly looking elsewhere ends up in bad relationships. The first part of your poem got me thinking, obviously. I did see the twist on the end.

  11. Hank, you have written a laundry list (a good one!) of the pitfalls and promises of new love. I have to tell you, that last line made me burst out laughing. Something about it tickled me... probably the use of the word "scent" in that manner because I knew the list. Well done, you! Amelita

  12. Replies
    1. Made me smile too . . . but then I thought "If it's true, then why are there so many married to them.

    2. Don't be too hard on the girls. Some of these guys are good at being phonies. Hard to pick. Made me smile too Hank!

  13. I laughed out loud at the last line: "A fair lady can scent a phony"

    Wonderfully true to life, Hank!

    June’s First Wordle

  14. A fair lady can scent a phony? Thanks for the tip!

  15. Love this, Hank. Fair ladies can scent a phony