Sunday, June 8, 2014

still there’s power in this place!

                                                                                         Attribution: Daniel Sone
Image: A Couple Bent on Swinging! (here)

Brenda’s Sunday Whirl Wordle #164

hello back numbers single sizzle 
stomping existence power 
place muffled right language

Hello baby, you are back!
Say, numbers seems small tonight
Are you single again tonight, huh!

Let’s sizzle and do some stomping
Small existence in this outfit but
still there’s power in this place!

The musical strain’s a little muffled
but it will not restrain our show
Right on baby, let’s show them

Language is not a bother
The swinging should be lively
That counts baby!

Life starts tonight!

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl # 164


  1. very nice depiction if simple light moment, just to enjoy.............

  2. Have some fun and let life begin, nothing wrong with that

  3. A little swinging can go a long way

  4. Let's sizzle and do some stomping LOL
    Have not seen this side of you before Hank
    Hilarious !

  5. Dancing! A little sizzle in the step.

  6. Hank, this is absolutely a hoot-howl!! I love to see you go off on a poetic free-for-all! Must have been quite fun. I never saw the possibility in that list, so I didn't participate. You took that list out for a joyride. Brill! Amelita
    PS Thanks for commenting on the "Words Fail Me" poem. Your thoughts on violence were spot on.

  7. i like the take charge attitude in this...the music may not be right but we can make our own...and there is power when we are here....

  8. An off-course romp! Love your title.

  9. Really good write, Hank. It made me smile. Nice.