Monday, June 23, 2014

flutter of the heart!

                                                                                        Attribution: Erin Silversmith
Image: A Rajah Brooke (here)

Roving butterfly
flutter of the heart like a
teen on her first date

Colorful beauty
From humble beginnings as
a squeamish wriggly

Adult Rajah Brooke
Elusive but a prized catch
To adorn blank walls

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #498 -  butterfly
Kerry's hosting at Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. I'd rather see a drawing or photo. "flutter of the heart like a
    teen on her first date - beginnings as a squeamish wriggly - a prized catch" perfect descriptions.

  2. Love teen on her first date.

  3. A first date can sure fill one with butterflies indeed

  4. A catch for blank walls, seems a shame

  5. they're all wonderful - but the second one really makes me smile!

  6. Beautiful....we are like butterflies so often when it is a "first"

  7. I'm sure those butterflies are grand adornments on walls, but I'd rather see them in the wild!

    Butterfly Seeking Nectar

  8. From a colorful dance to a splat on a wall. LOL

  9. nice...butterflies are cool...they are like little ballerinas of the sky in their colorful tutus...smiles

  10. I love butterflies but hate seeing them adorn on empty walls & frames ~ Good one Hank and thanks for your lovely comments ~

  11. "as a squeamish squiggly," I loved that wordplay! I was so naive foryears, I didn't know that butterflies were killed to be displayed... thought people found them on the ground. Then, once learning the truth, yikes, horrified. I love these little guys, and they are dying up north... Love this, Hank. Amelita

  12. This quite beautiful and has many different meanings on new beginnings except the last one which we know but still:) The first one is just stunning!

  13. Ah.. yes from squiggly to fluttering.. that second one I really liked