Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The waterways turned murky!

                                                                                Attribution: Broken Sphere
Image: Japanese Occupation Currency (here)

Red Wolf Poems/We Wordle #19
The 23 chosen wordle words out of 35:
docked  palette  float hallucinations  painter art
brush crooks  surface  boat  kill waterways murky
wallow dissecting, truth  sparkling used
foreboreding  spiral  vision, curve, wanton 

My late grandfather was a colorful man
He docked himself with influential people in
Government. His palette pointed to hues
of colors that float around those he dealt
with in business. He had hallucinations
of a painter and his art to his masterpiece.
He had designs of a conglomerate of his own. 
It  was taking shape as he had hoped
He nurtured it well

But bad elements were there
He brushed them off
He did not anticipate crooks all along
could surface with uncanny precision.
They rocked the boat aiming to kill
Business rivalries took destructive forms
The waterways turned murky

He did not wallow in self-pity
He succeeded in dissecting the truth
with a sparkling display of brilliance
and determination. He succeeded
in bringing his business interests under
one roof. Things were working out well

But he had forebodings of a downward spiral
where he saw his vision took a curve downwards
But the way it came about was not
how he had anticipated

No, he did not succumb to the crooks
No, he did not lose support from those
of his friends in government or otherwise
No, the business climate was booming

Instead it came in the form of wanton
destruction of the Japanese Occupation
leading to World War II

The country fell the administration collapsed
The infrastructure destroyed.
Economic activities were at a standstill.
The will to survive a war was paramount
Business took a backseat

For Grace’s hosting at d’Verse with –  a family history
and Red Wolf Poems Wordle #19


  1. Such a brave man but such a sad end..I liked your grand pa..

  2. How sad that your grandfather was the victim of an invasion which led to such a disaster as bankruptcy and 'destroyed soul'.

  3. Wow, so much to go through and to stay strong...not wallow in self pity that is the strength of a man and to know what's more important. Sounds like a great man your grandfather!

  4. The side of war we rarely see.
    You should write a story about your grandfather - this poem points to so much more that could be said.

    1. Was too young then to know first hand. These are anecdotes related by elders of what could have been. Would certainly make great stories otherwise. Thanks Alex!


  5. What tragic circumstances, Hank. Sounds like your grandfather was a good and honest man, worked hard for what he achieved, but lost it all when the Japanese arrived. The second last line is poignant. I am sure that the will to survive was the strongest will of all at that time.

  6. My grandfather and his family were affected by japanese occupation of the Phil. ~ As he was half American, they went into hiding and helping the allies when they could ~ That was a black moment in our history as a lot of ancestral homes were destroyed by the WW2 ~ Business certainly took a backseat ~

  7. been awhile Pareng Hank... I'll try to visit blogs regularly. thanks for holding on.

    reading this, i thought reading my grandfather's story. nice write as usual.

    Pareng JJ

  8. The historic significance of this remembrance is not lost on me. I always believed that every family history is World History. Thank you for your contribution to "our" story and the sharing of yours! Well told!

  9. Fascinating story. I'm intrigued by the color/painting imagery.

  10. oy life takes its turns now doesnt it...scary too when you have that forboding...i am glad at least in the beginning he succeeded in spite of...but at some point survival becomes more important than business for sure...

  11. seems your grandfather was quite resourceful and strong willed...and that's the most important thing in life i think....well penned Hank

  12. Survival instincts take hold to keep us alive and fighting

  13. WWII was my childhood legacy, the Japanese internment camps, the POW camps, the confiscated business & property of second generation Americans; stolen, destroyed, never returned. Your poem is sterling. Our grandfathers seem to have shown up a lot for this prompt.

  14. Sounds like he worked hard and kept his spirits high even with all the crap going on around him.

  15. Such a sad legacy to destruction of war... you might do your best, but against the unexpected we are always the losers...

  16. i think many succesful businessmen struggled during the war and for some it was the end of their business... a rough time

  17. Great story Hank, the resilience our parents and grandparents displayed is remarkable. Thanks for sharing this great story, enjoyed it very much.

  18. What a colorful, engagingly articulated, family history. I was particularly struck by the line: His palette pointed to hues of colors that float around those he dealt with in business. An excellent write, Hank.

  19. sometimes the times are a tidal wave that cannot be resisted.

  20. Glad the wordle helped you tell your story.