Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brazil goes into the Quarter Finals!

                                                                                            Attribution: Tim Boyd
Image: FIFA World Cup 2010 (here)

I saw Brazil booked its ticket into the quarter-final live just a few minutes ago. Brazil beat Chile in a penalty shoot-out after 120 minutes of play which was tied at 1 - 1.

It was such a thrilling game the drama and excitement akin even to that of a final! The sports news report in the dailies tomorrow might share the same opinion

The first half of 45 mins play was the most exciting. There were strong challenges, robust
play and lots of free-kicks. Surprisingly most of the notable players were victims but the
referee who appeared stern did not punish the culprits. Neymar was a marked man and
in no time he was tumbling all over grimacing in pain

The first goal for Brazil in the 18th min attributed to David Luiz appeared to be an own goal by Chilean defender Jara. It was a deflection from a kick on the right flank.

Before the euphoria could quieten down Alexis Sanchez shot the equalizer with a low ball into the far corner of the net.sometime in the 34th min or so. From then on the strong tackles and robust play were the norm.

The second half was more or less even and both tried very hard to score. But the drama heightened with the Brazilians making forays more often. In fact Hulk their midfielder had 2 goals disallowed that could have put paid to the Chileans' efforts.

The Chileans were a shade better in the first half of extra time. In the second 15 mins though the Brazilians appeared more urgent in wanting to wrap up the game . They were swarming all over in the Chilean half of the pitch.Ironically the Chileans were then slowing the game with feigned acts of pain on the ground. It was as though they were hoping for a penalty shootout

Chile nearly made it in the dying seconds of the second half of extra time when Pinilla's shot rocked the cross-bar but it was not to be!

After 120 mins' of play the score saw no change and the penalty shoot out became a reality

What a suspense it was right to the last dying minutes. It could have gone either way. Even the commentators mentioned it! They remarked 'what a sad way to lose a game' Rightly so! It went ding dong right until the 5th player when the position was still uncertain. Let's see the outcome!

Brazil                                            Chile
1. David Luiz       1                        1.  Pinilla           0
2.  William           0                        2.  Sanchez       0
3.  Macello          1                        3.      -              1  (missed the name)
Brazil now one up to the Chileans
4   Hulk               0                        4    Diaz            1
Now they are squared off  2 apiece
5   Neymar           1
Neymar scored and it could go sudden death 
5                                                     5   Jara            0
Jara missed and Brazil was through to the Quarter Finals!!

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  1. Damn, that sounds like one hell of a game, when it all comes down to the wire sure high suspense

  2. it was 1-1 when i had to leave to drive home...sounds like an amazing finish to the game....

  3. ooh my, sounds like quite a game...

  4. My hubby was watching it, smiles ~

  5. Line it out, call it down, draw it up. Thank goodness you did this I the topic compelling a world of people hear days!

  6. Your writing made this come to life.Poor Jara ! Will try to see a rerun of this.

  7. I haven't kept up with the World Cup, but my son went to Brazil and saw two games live.

  8. Wow. It was like being there. You kept the energy high, and made me wish I'd have seen it.

  9. I feel sad after reading Hank

  10. It was an exciting game indeed and how sad to lose a match because of missed penalty kicks! I enjoyed your replay, Hank!

  11. what i loved in this game were the emotions... they interviewed the brazilian goalkeeper after the game and he was crying... a chile player stood on the lawn and was crying into his shirt - that really moved me deeply - one because of joy - the other because of disappointment - but both sides so vulnerable and real

  12. Wow! Your writing made me feel I had missed something important--an allegory on life! ANd then, because of this post, I felt I had not truly missed it at all. Fine Witness.

  13. Sounds like an incredibly exciting finish Hank. World cup fever :)

  14. What a game! I was riveted to the television screen. That intense ending had my heart pounding.

  15. Indeed -- for the interested football could be an intense piece of poetry.. I watched with half an eye during dinner... and penalties towards the end make it almost cruel

  16. Seems everyone was clued to the TV you brought the game to life in your words. Nice Hank..

  17. It sounds like quite the game...I have not followed it myself.

  18. This is the first year I've had even the slightest interest in the World Cup--soccer is finally catching on over here.

  19. I watched that game, it was most awesome, yet I'm cheering for Germany this year , have a nice Sunday

    Much love...