Sunday, June 22, 2014

A spectacle weird to interpret

Image: Courtesy of Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl with words:
levitate creature blood dancing 
dark plague dreadful praying 
tarot gun seduce kiss penny 

To have a halo levitate above
its head a creature of cold
blood is dancing in the dark

What can all this mean
Worries plague his mind
A spectacle weird to interpret
He can only guess

It seems dreadful praying
over tarot cards hoping to gun
for a prized target in mind

To seduce a lame mind
and overwhelm puny beings
is also a wicked option

Kiss good-bye to base tendencies
Think big for penny thoughts
might not bring huge dividends

Brenda's hosting of Sunday Whirl Wordle #166 and
PU's Poetry Pantry #206


  1. I like your closing lines, Hank. Betting one's life or depending on mere chance is never a desirable option.

  2. To be tricked by those blood curling things.. a puny mind falls victim easily.. but to defeat those trickster we have to stand strong

  3. i would like to think by the time i find my halo,
    i will have little to think on that i once worried about
    here on earth....

  4. There are always nuggets of wisdom in your poems, Hank. I especially like the advice to "Think big for penny thoughts might not bring huge dividends". Wonderful!

  5. Praying over a tarot card seems like quite a contradiction, Hank! I do think sometimes these things do seduce a person's mind. As for me, tarot cards frighten me. As does the ouija board.

  6. Yeah have to throw those penny thoughts out, they don't even accept pennies here anymore haha

  7. So well done, Hank. Praying over tarot cards seems a horrible idea.


  8. I like that closing lines ~ Well played with words Hank ~


  9. Hank,

    Tarot cards can be a bit scary..depends on how you interpret them.

  10. Love the first the first stanza, I have been accuse of wearing my tarnish halo crooked. ah but sometimes penny thoughts do pay off in the end.

  11. This read much like a dream that would not resolve itself, which on waking up you exclaim "What happened?"

  12. the last two stanzas are just spot on...

  13. Sometimes thinking small is the best start..i love your sets up for this curious a good way of course!

  14. What a good write Hank. Love the last lines and your advice to think big.

  15. Very cool mix you created, Hank!

  16. Yes, hope and luck might just not be there. Think big is best advice.