Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Risks of High Public Office

                                               Attribution: Patrick Bloodgood (US Army)
Image: 1  The Eternal Flames under construction  (here)

                                                                                                      Attribution: Tony
Image: 2 The Eternal flames burn at the grave-sites
of President JFK and First Lady Jackie at Arlington (here)

We Wordle #20:
eternal, flame glinting, magic, grace, follows
cycle, memory celebratory, shape, grandmother
usually, bowl, border, planet,

An eternal flame burns
Glinting in the sun
As if by magic
To grace following
a cycle of memory
That went back a 
few generations

Of celebratory and celebrated 
status shaped by a matriarch
A grandmother is usually
as influential as in a big family
that bowled over borders 
like a queen by any measure
that was Rose Kennedy

Let’s start with Joe Sr a senior
diplomat to Britain and
Joe Jr groomed for political office
but sadly perished a hero in the war

Left to Jack and Robert who
rose to the highest but mercilessly
cut down by assassin’s bullets
While Sen. Edward was done in
by Chappaquiddick

John Jr a generation after 
had hopes dashed 
when his light plane crashed

Two well-known families
that transcended the globe
the planet in fact
The Kennedys and Onassis
Were cheated of extending
their dynasty which could have a
profound effect on world history
had it not been for Dallas 1963

For Red Wolf Poems hosted by Irene with Wordle: #20


  1. Great people will always be remembered!

  2. I really want to visit the Eternal Flame someday. Great poem Hank.

  3. You chose an interesting theme....nice.

  4. Never know what could have happened indeed

  5. Everybody wants a piece of you when you are that high up

  6. what a tragic run that family went through...and when you stick your head out of the crab pot you better be ready because there will be plenty that want to take you down....

  7. I admire how you incorporated a history lesson in your piece.
    While there is much to be admired about any family honored in the spot lights -
    there is much we will never know. May the newest generations find some comfort from the good that is remembered.

    Thanks for stopping by my 'grandmothers'. It is often true that grandparents spoil the next generation while having less actual energy, they have perhaps more time and have evolved in understanding :)

  8. yes - you're def. exposed when you choose a political career... they know about the danger but it always hits unexpected anyway

  9. That would have changed the course of history, certainly ~ I haven't been there but would like to see it someday ~ Good one Hank ~

  10. Thanks for the spin, Hank.

  11. I remember all this well... very interesting drift you took with the prompt - very nice.