Thursday, June 12, 2014

taste hot liquid wax to cool the tongue!

                                                                                                Attribution: Dicemanic
Image: A Friendship Bracelet - a beginning (here)

Claudia invites us at d’Verse to go to town
with no holds barred in any direction to come
back with wonders on how one’s poetry can
develop. Had never experienced nor anticipated
such ease of freedom in writing poetry

Life’s realities sum up life’s abundance
Desirous of munching an apple tree all in askance
Can one make out blessings of relationships
Chasing the tales of horror of a catsnip?

No, not on your life, life’s greed, lies, lie in shambles
Reeling in many quarters sustaining in grumbles
Wanting to taste hot liquid wax to cool the tongue
Kicking a football of bee-hive to get stung

One is blind to a panorama of life’s pleasures
Picking on a scene of Shakespearean censures
To boast to no end a lovely young bride
One’s head snug within a ferocious lion’s pride

Oy man! An aura of wanting to sooth a soul
Trudging up the stairs on a ten-foot pole
Without words one is smiling with sealed eye-lids
Savoring and lamenting good fortune with such horrid

For Claudia’s hosting at d’Verse's
MTB - Connecting the unconnectable


  1. ha. that was a trip...our realities are an adundance...greed certainly lies...
    not sure i will go kicking any bee hives anytime soon though...smiles.

  2. What lovely blend of contradictions...loved the imagery and especially: One is blind to a panorama of life’s pleasures

  3. Kicking beehives sounds like a bad idea...

  4. What a lovely bunch of coconuts, as they say; your perfectly slick rhyme scheme; AA BB CC DD, etc, was not pulling focus, yet they energized the lines & invigorated the stanzas, rocking the socks off the prompt, part formally & part disconnectivity; I love the line /trudging up the stairs on a ten-foot pole/. Flarf meets Frost; cool.

  5. Free wheeling and inspired Hank ~ I like - Kicking a football of bee-hive to get stung~

  6. ha - the tasting hot liquid wax made my tongue ache... and be careful with those beehives ya know... smiles... glad you had fun hank

  7. Hank, this was wonderfully random and fun. Bet it was fun to write as well. When you had the football and the beehive, I was reminded of Riley's fave book of late, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest! Much love, my friend, and skip the hot wax! Amy

  8. Wonderful rhyme, a lot of fun, Hank.

  9. how often we sustain in grumbles - such a bad thing to do!

  10. the freedom of this prompt felt awesome, right? pulled some great rhyme scheme in here as well

  11. Ah.. great one Hank, you should do more like this.. I'd be careful playing football with you though,

  12. I stepped on a bee hive once, my leg wasn't so thankful for that afterwards

  13. Remind me to never play football with you and the bees

  14. football of bee have weaved beautiful contrasts here..:)

  15. Very clever, the munching on an apple tree.....

  16. some fabulous contrasts...wonderful Hank :)

  17. Trudging up the stairs on a ten foot pole

    For some reason, this line really set my imagination on fire - great contrasts in here, Hank, and I loved this line the most!