Monday, June 30, 2014

Autumn bidding sayonara!

                                                                         Attribution: Takeshi Kuboki
Image: Autumn Leaves in Kyoto (here)

Walking on the beach
Chanced upon a clam chestnut
brown lightly colored

Shell when opened was
like Wedded Rocks together
hiding berry seeds

With Autumn bidding
sayonara a journey
fulfilled with blessings

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #503 Basho's departing Autumn and
Kerry's hosting at Real,Toads Open Link Monday


  1. favorite time of year by far. It's still about 3 months way over here though :)

  2. I like it ,Hank. I like Autumn also but we don't have it for long here in the Houston, Texas, area. It comes around late November, trees get yellowed, and Winter will be here in less than a month. Winter will last until mid-February with a few temps lower than the 30'sF in the morning, but most Winter mornings range from high 40's and up.

  3. I love this poem~ Hank, this is gorgeous! I love the idea of autumn opening like a shell~ I love "Wedded Rocks"

  4. A clam that reminds me of a walnut, a beach like a driveway, a harvest that may travel on its way to a new home. I like very much.

  5. So much to see when autumn arises, colorful as can be

  6. autumn always comes and goes so fast...its my fav time of year...i guess i have it to look forward to still...a few months off...but it will be here soon enough...smiles.