Sunday, June 15, 2014

And split flesh from bones!

 Image: Courtesy of Brenda's (here)

Sunday Whirl:  A Baker’s Dozen #165
drilled cliff chimney whistle habits drink habits 
rip split wish fortunes drink porcelain pit

Just how dangerous are they
Drilled in them not just to protect
But to maim and kill
Are these just rumors?

They will jump down a cliff
Or race up a chimney
A whistle from their trainers
That is all they need

Led by instinct habits die hard
They are known to rip apart
And split flesh from bones
That is how vicious they are
One will not wish to gamble
One’s fortunes with them

They may quench a drink
From porcelain containers
And given to good life
But should be under leash

Instead they were let loose in fruit
plantations to guard against intruders
A  female foreign researcher
doing studies on tropical fruits
not forewarned was attacked

In another instance recently
Two of them sneaked through the fencing
And attacked two people on the streets
They were actually kept as pets
The owners swore they were not dangerous
Pitbulls and Rottweilers

Brenda's Sunday Whirl and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #205


  1. Ah, there have been many instances here too of (especially) pitbulls hurting / attacking others. I really don't understand the people who choose to keep such dangerous dogs.

  2. Yeah no matter the breed a dog can snap if given the right push, except with these ones all it takes is a nick and they will attack, I'd never get one.

  3. Sometimes people choose these breeds with the intent of training them to be vicious, which is a sad and dangerous situation for all concerned. I have known some who were sweethearts. So much depends on the owner. Good write, Hank.

  4. we have had attacks here as well....though i will blame that on raising and can train any animal to be vicious...not sure we can blame the animal on know....

  5. ugh... it makes me sick that people are still allowed to keep such dangerous dogs - they need a good and caring keeper that will train them well - and people who want to own one should have to proof that they're able to

  6. Here too adults and children have been attacked by these dogs. How can anyone wish to own such a dog is a mystery to me. Even more annoying that once they have them they cannot keep them under control.

  7. It's the people who need muzzles!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

    1. I mean they ruin the dogs instead of nurturing their good nature

  8. I think there are dogs that need very professional people to take care of them.. alas most are not... yes I'm concerned... mostly with pit-bulls...

  9. dogs always have scared me a bit .. its crazy coz idid grow up with one tiny one though!!

  10. I've always feared rotweilers and pitbulls. I used to walk past a family who kept them outside their home and they would just bark viciously...and probably hungrily when I was present. Ooh...the chills your poem give me. But well-written and informative and entertaining.

  11. I believe it is more the owner than the dog. Some people think it's good to make a dog vicious and go through great lengths to do it.

  12. don't know whom to blame...but nice lines Hank...

  13. What a frightening piece, from the title down to its very content. It's sad when these sweet animals are being used for a completely wrong purpose. Great write, Hank. Happy Father's Day! smiles.

  14. I have met sweet dogs of all species, but none quite so unpredictable as pit bulls. And Rottweilers need to be a one person dog, I think, though I have babysat one or two. Your poem is a warning, but in an odd way it is also a tribute to the power of these dogs.

  15. These dogs can be dangerous..some of it is due to breeding and training. So sad really..

  16. They are actually lovely dogs, but under poor supervision and training this is what happens. Well done with the words, Hank. Sorry, for the late visit. I hope all is well with you and yours.