Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Man and his antics! - wordle

                                                                         Attribution Greg Williams
Image: Charlie in caricature (here)

6 given words from Writer's Digest:
howl little  pop right toast paper 

3WW with words:
cathartic (purging the bowels, a laxative)
jeopardy risky

Man and his antics
What a howler
Waving a little walking stick
Would pop right up in a bowler

A toast to baggy pants
Cathartic character
Comic relief in movements
Funny gait, not a bother

Music and sounds in jeopardy
On paper. it looked risky
Achievements of a load
All in silent mode

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW and Writer's Digest poetry prompts #268


  1. charlie was a trip...and doing silent movie you rely so much on the expressions and physical comedy...and he was a master...

  2. this was so cute and funny!! such an apt tribute to the comedy king!!

  3. Charlie Chaplin made a fortune from that funny gait, so of course it didn't bother him!

    Cathartic Buttercups

  4. I think we all have an element of the silent clown inside! Beautifully written Hank

  5. Well put. Charlie Chaplin was a brilliant strategist who knew how to pull off physical comedy and make it resonate across time and space without a sound.

  6. One of the most talented men who ever lived. This was great Hank :)

  7. He sure knew how to get those facial expressions across

  8. This was the time when the working class poor needed a lift and and he did it with an endearing humour in a new medium; cinema. Great tribute Hank.

  9. What a great portrayal of Charlie Chaplin. Makes me want to go look at some of his old silent films!

  10. You summed him up perfectly and in so few words. Clever!

  11. I must be one of the few people who does not like Charlie Chaplin !

  12. What a great contribution to this prompt! silent movies indeed are cathartic!

  13. A great take on the prompt and on the great Charlie Chaplin!