Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The vibrations were intense!

                                                                                  Attribution: Derek Jensen
Image: Starting Them Young (here)

Wordle # 13, The words are:
Vibration  Chimney Insomnia Sweat  Strain  
Diffuse Vitiate Dust Construct Butchery

The vibrations were intense
Like dark smoke swirling out
from an old chimney
His insomnia compounded
He woke up in cold sweat

Strain on his being was damning
He tried to diffuse the bother
Vitiated by his love of the game
His worries only turned to dust
He tried to construct a strategy
Just to enjoy it when it lasted
But to no avail

The worst is yet to come
Elbowing blatant kicking rough tackles
Are all waiting to be unleashed
The butchery seemingly expected
Of the World Cup 2014

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie Wordle#13


  1. ha. someone has it bad for the Cup....watched a bit of the germany game...and the US game yesterday

  2. haha throw the elbows, just don't get caught

  3. Hank!! I see you everywhere in our blogging circles so I figured I should come over here and give your blog a follow. Growing up here in the US, we really don't promote soccer as much. But my fiancee is from Germany and she says it's HUGE there. I am trying to learn more about it so I can someday talk it intelligently :)

    1. Thanks Keith! Likewise putting you on my Blog list. Yes, huge in manner of speaking including their individual paychecks. The players are the best paid in sports. They need not even win championships unlike Tiger Woods to get paid!


  4. I think my world cup was 1982 when I had a crush on Germany's goal keeper, I just googled his name it was Schumacher

    1. There were some controversies around him for rough play! Don't remember him that much!


  5. It seems everywhere but North America goes nuts over it