Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not hurting somehow!

                                                                                         Attribution: Emily
Image:  Cool flowers

3WW with words  -  crisis gripe stall
CARPE DIEM #489  -  coolness

Evening coolness
To savor those precious past
Not hurting somehow

Moments of truth to
bring back joys of living none
to stall awareness

To gripe powers that
bind how insane it can sound
for man in crisis

For Thomg's 3WW and
Chev's CARPE DIEM #489  


  1. ah i love me a little relief in the coolness of the shade....its been smoking hot and humid with some crazy thunderstorms in the evenings as well....

  2. For me this read as a moment of introspection and awareness. Nice.

    If you get the US Open (Golf) on TV over there--the course they're playing, Pinehurst #2, David won a trip there and we got to play it since it was restored. Check it out--it's so fun but hard. I got one par (missed a putt for birdie on a par 3)

    1. You played at Pinehurst#2? My that is great Victoria! Lucky you! Missing birdie is no mean feat for weekend golfers. That's wonderful! The nearest I got playing in the US were some unknown public course in Sacramento (when we visited our daughter for her Commencement) and at Wisconsin when we visited friends. It certainly would be fun playing at Pinehurst! Thanks for the info Ma'am!


  3. Well, life always carries on I suppose..thankfully the cool evenings offer some refreshment from crisis..

  4. The coolness of the nigt or some shade can sure come in handy

  5. Very nice how you got all 3 intense words in there...I do find the 2nd stanza spoke to me...very nice!

  6. Lovely set of haiku, Hank. The flower photo is stunning!

  7. Oh, this is really romantic side of you, Hank ~ Love the poem!