Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stormy Encounter

                                                                                          Attribution:  C E Price
Image: Stormy Weather, Dark Clouds
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
Process Note: A press report of a storm warning was used as the base text.
I had it truncated, 'cut up' and re-arranged. It turned out to be disjointed before
words were inserted in between to make it presentable.

His resolve was expected to weaken
into a hurricane of emotions
It could spawn in his heart tornadoes
of feel to cause flooding of tears of despair
outwardly seen as a storm surge  
before it lost its strength

They were in effect leading to a
confrontation for a large section of his soul

He was in control however despite storm warnings
haggling for his love amid storm conditions
expected somewhere close to his insides
It was a resurgent of the area of disaster
within a clear-headed self in a day and a half.   

Rains and winds swept northward into his head
Seeking refuge on the shelf of safety and
were not expected to lose steam
It closed the road to any redundant reconciliation
that yanked at sympathetic ears and the mind that
frequently were flooded with denial during
heavy uplifts of stormy encounters  

Soaked unsparingly in part and skidding along
swirling waters damaging  to his reputation
he reluctantly moved on!

Charles is hosting at d’VerseForms For All : Dada poems with Scissors. 
We are to select a text and get it cut up and rearranged to form a poem.


  1. I think you've done a wonderful job using the method and interlacing weather and a personage. The narrative is very interesting considering where It is pulling together from such a random process.

  2. "tornadoes of feel" ... I love that!

  3. how you personificate the nature powers and make them a part of his emotions..

  4. Great choice, and i like the weather emotions. I always used to love listening to the shipping forecast as a child, it always sounded so mysterious.

  5. Great combination of the personal and the impersonal! It's funny how many weather-related metaphors we use in our daily lives.

  6. Moved on finally the storm falls silent. I loved the way you worked the fury of thoughts here

  7. This is pure poetry... I could not tell the randomness in the process.. It worked very well with the mixture of emotions of weather. Well done :-)

  8. The weather can be emotionless until it is given form

  9. good morning hank...nicely done...the rains sweeping north into his head...the personification of nature..well played and surpised at how well it flowed...

  10. You worked this out very smoothly Hank ~ I didn't even feel you cut this up from the stormy news ~ I like the strong personification of nature - heart tornadoes, flooded with denial, stormy encounters ~ Time to move on ~


  11. emotions and the strength they possess..

  12. What a clever idea with great results. Beautiful imagery.

  13. Him becoming nature itself, nicely done at your shelf

  14. Hank,

    This is a wonderful poem woven within the forces of nature. I enjoyed reading this one from start to end.

  15. Emotions have a way of weathering you, literally and figuratively. Great job weaving the source text into this gem. -Mike

  16. Hank, YOU are a force of nature! You nailed this prompt by using a topical theme - the upheaval of Oklahoma and other states by recent storms - and portraying them as emotions. This is brilliant stuff, Hank, I mean it. I saw the prompt and thought, "No way." Then I see this and think, damn, I should have at least tried... but nothing could compare. BRILL. Amelita

  17. Ha. Well done. You've used the cut-up in a way to open up the poem, and yet you have your own voice. k.

  18. Oh well done Hank! We are indeed emotion-wise, comparable to the forces of nature that dictate our weather.

    Anna :o]

  19. It was a resurgent of the area of disaster
    within a clear-headed self in a day and a half.

    Funny, it takes me much longer than that ; ). Great stuff, sir. We should all continue unsparingly soaked and skidding along...
    Thank you.