Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scenic Waterfall

                                                                                            Attribution: JJ Harrison
Image: The Snug Falls, Tasmania
(a Picture of the Day)
Source: From Wikimedia Commons (here)

It may be damaging 
to the environment
I concede that
I'm on your side too!
But the same cannot
be said of others
Humankind are most unkind

I have been through a lot
And it had been a long time
My patience is fully tested
I have a legitimate right
to survive and to be heard

It is not an ego thing
You have got to believe me
I have to persist

We face obstacles all the way
Dams restrict our natural progress
Layers of hard rocks are no help
Yes, we turn ourselves into scenic waterfalls
But otherwise we are dead
We have not even touched on pollution

Waterways ought to be given their due respect
Is it too much to ask?

Written for 3WW with words, damaging, ego, legitimate


  1. Sadly humans do destroy nature over and over, a little respect for it would go a long way. #1 at your bay.

  2. Definitely not too much to ask. And if humans do ask, the answer can be harsh.

  3. ugh so true...we shape them to our will....and ruin them in our 'care'...rather disgusting the way we treat our world

  4. I so much agree with you!! Tampering with nature has its own set of calamities and disasters,c the onus of responsibility lies with us!!

  5. Such a beautiful spot, too bad we ruin it.

  6. I have long ago given up on "humankind", Hank. We are indeed unkind, and we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. I don't worry for my own sake, but for the sake of the little ones who will not have the beautiful planet you and I grew up with.