Thursday, June 27, 2013

What happened to the Dinosaurs?

                                                                                   Attribution: Claire H
Image: Dinosaur Mounts
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

What happened to the carefree days
    when time stood still and childhood
    innocence governed ways of laughter
    but disappeared even before it started

What happened to the environment
    now long polluted choking the
    waterways and the green-house effects
    spelled danger above

What happened to the neighborhood
    unsafe except for gangland packs
    roving the streets made easy for them
    and law enforcement rendered ineffective

What happened to the growing up years of
    physical activities for sporting
    prowess now acquiesced taken over
    by FB and on-line preferences indoors

What happened to all the grown-ups
    embattled to survive in trying times
    of economic hardships and exploitation
    perpetrated by big business

What happened to the ever mystifying question
   left unanswered on the whys and wherefores
   of disappearance of dinosaurs which could
   have been an unending supply chain (chuckles) of meat

What happened, people?

Note: Wonder if this has semblance of an anaphora
Written for Victoria's hosting at d'Verse, Listen to this - anaphora


  1. The internet happened I guess and the world became smaller.

  2. nice...i like the repetition of the questions in this hank...hopefully we do not go the way of the dinos...or end up far too down the line and look back and wonder just what happened as if we were oblivious...

  3. Perfect anaphora, Hank. I really, really liked how you posed it as a rhetorical question. Very effective and thought-provoking. Thanks for joining in.

  4. yes...what happened to raise some good questions and i like how you use the anaphora

  5. I really like how you use a question... make one think... to have the anaphora as a question was really effective... thank your for the great thoughts.

  6. Like the repetition of wonder Hank ~ I guess we became greedy and more narrow minded, sadly ~

  7. Our minds became crowded and distracted... it sounds almost like a sermon (in a good way) ~ M

  8. This dies have the cadence of a sermon, really well done!

    1. That should have been "does," dur!

  9. Definitely anaphora and works so well. You bring up such strong points of thinking about our world. I too wonder if it's too far to make it go "our" way.

  10. Unfortunately those days are gone. Your repitition emphasizes the urgency in your tone.

  11. A perfect subject for the form. It is in line with so many things I have asked myself lately. Very nicely done.

  12. I think we will step back if only momentarily. Long enough to remember the fall isn't romantic just final. Appreciate the asking. As long as we ask, we have a chance.

  13. Hank,I hear you..... What happened to so many things? So much we used to have is no longer. So sad sometimes to contemplate the changes.

  14. It is called the progressive modern 21st century technological age. The only drawback is some of us remember what it was like to be truly human ..I'm sure that will be sorted soon!Bit of a joke hey Hank!

  15. Excellent choice of refrain on this piece, well done!

  16. The last stanza took me back to the first stanza, when as a child I learnt all the dinosaur names as if they were the most relevant thing to know!

  17. Indeed. We will be asking these questions for some time to come.

  18. I think "we" happened...sigh...sometimes I wish we could roll back time! Great question Hank!