Wednesday, June 19, 2013


                                                                                 Attribution:  Challiyan
Image: A Kingfisher
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
Note: Its colors rock and that caught my eye

A moment ago we were in warm embrace
We thought we would have struck an ace
With great anticipation
We rocked our passion
Sadly it turned out to be somewhat misplaced

Somehow I had only eyes for her
Had to draw on what I could muster
Did my big sway
Every which way
It worked me out to be quite a rocker

I wound not be overly excited
I tried it before and had it flaunted
It rocked for a while
And then it went wild
And it got everyone so flustered

Written for Peggy's hosting at Poetry Jam with prompt - rock


  1. ha fun one hank...smiles...we were watching a show called north america the other day and they were highlighting hummingbirds and their mating dances....made me think of this...

  2. Rocking poem! Does the bird have anything to do with it? :)

  3. haha quite the rocker but that is no shocker

  4. rocked with passion - just like your words

  5. Those colors do rock! His look though is fierce! I guess you do have to follow your heart otherwise you can't rock it for long.

  6. oh hahah so very very clever! Rocker out you rocker!

  7. Clever Hank. It does sound like a hummingbird dance. Thanks for posting.

  8. Loved it hank..
    Kingfisher in indeed one of the most beautiful creatures...

    and you rocked with your writing :)

  9. Very fun, Hank! those bird feathers do rock, and so did your poem:-)