Saturday, June 22, 2013


                                                        Attribution: D Sharon Pruitt
Image: Feeling Blue
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Racking one's brains on just what to do
Taking more than what one can chew
One gets bogged down
Not without a frown
Bitter pill to swallow makes one feel blue

She was innocently and totally in the dark
When all the while hubby was on the lark
Bitter pill to swallow
When she got to know
For the kids' sake it was swept under the rug

Kelvin is hosting for Poetics at d'Verse with 'to bring in the idioms in poetry'


  1. Used many of the there, with your limerick affair, #1 what fun

  2. it can def get overwelming when you take on much...and will leave you in a lurch...and it is humbling to admit it eventually as well...

    ack on the second one...betrayal sucks...

    1. 1. Can lead to writer's block
      2. Happens all the time


  3. What a bitter pill to swallow ~ But swept under the rug, grrr gets my ire ~ Good work Hank ~

  4. I bet it can't stay under the rug for long!

  5. So often I think that is just what happens, unfortunately, Hank......for the sake of the children. Sigh. I like what you did with the prompt.

  6. Like what you did with the prompt. Visiting from dVerse.

  7. The stuff that's swept under the rug somehow finds its way out into the open again. Though, children often can see what we think they can't. A good write. -Mike

  8. ugh....i wonder if it's ever the right thing to sweep things under the rug...better face the facts and think about a plan...good work on the prompt hank

  9. ..ah, what a heart ripping scene you produced in your second stanza Hank... suddenly i fill pity for the innocence of the woman & the involvement of the children... that husband must find his way back to hell... as Brian said: 'betrayal sucks!'

    ...great take Hank... smiles...

  10. wow..
    The last line was Bang..
    why parents do that... hiding all the roughs under the rug.. until its too late, sometimes

  11. I'm with Boston. Children see more, know more than we want to see.

  12. Sad story, but nice use of idioms here. It's always hard on children when their parents misbehave. And they can always sense something's wrong.

  13. Very nice. Yes, we all get bogged down when we take on too much. Trying to hide stuff for the sake of the kids is natural--and rarely works. Great write, Hank. Thank you.

  14. More than idioms swept under the rug. I'd want to beat that rug... in the cleaning sense, of course ;-O

  15. sad story, nicely written. For the sake of the children, one is able to bear a lot of hardships, including emotional ones.

  16. Bitter truth sans choices but to accept it and move on. Tough! nicely done

  17. Good story of idioms...Yep...move on is all you can do.