Monday, June 24, 2013

Needling the Conscience

The given words are:

It was all in a mess, He was trying hard to reach for
answers at the scene of the crime

He stepped on the gas. He diligently traced his tracks at the
edge of the forest where it was most foul. He was trying
his best to garner evidences relating to the files on the case

Not wanting to succumb to the lies propagated by the
body of people siding with the witnesses he moved on

Complex in its make-up a pale comparison to
those in its class but just as amazing he checked
on the hard facts

He tried to put forth assumptions goading them on till
blue in the face but acceptance was still difficult to assail

Holding on to good principles he hoped for the
break through to wrap up the loose ends. He searched
himself till he could not anymore

He had to give way to his conscience!


  1. That is sure tough to wrestle with sometimes, easy way or stay the course, either could end in remorse

  2. Yes, conscience is the ultimate....they give human beings the power to respond in the most clear way. Loved the way you concluded the poem. Very nice, Hank.

  3. a regular the mystery you let linger through this...and in the end...the conscience always does catch up to us...smiles.

  4. A detective mystery done with the words, I like that, Hank.


  5. Love the detective element. Strong ending, too.

  6. ... there are more than 3 sides to every story....

  7. Conscience sits in judgement of the intellect, distinguishing ones thoughts and actions!! Great one!!