Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beauty in Danger

                                                                         Attribution: Kabelleger/David Gubler
Image: A freight train plowing through snow drift, Norway
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Undulating terrain
Of pure white as far as the eyes could see
In the cool mist of the morning
Blanketing the countryside
But hardened on the tracks
Not burdened lately
By vibrations of the Iron Horse
Now menaced with abundance of snowfall
For the week that was
Of beauty in tranquility

A lone freight train
Plowing through the snow-drift
Speeding and pitting its strength
Through slush and nature’s goodness
A penchant to madness
Volatile in consequence
Imminent danger thrown to the wind
But still insisting on arriving in time
Of ferrying its weight
To reach its destination
Of beauty in responsibility

Risks taken against nature’s rights
Testing man’s prowess in his fight
Of wanting to keep to his schedule
Was it not beautiful?

Written for Fred's  hosting at d’Verse's Poetics: Beauty is Everywhere


  1. kinda scary as well...when we push our desires too far in the face of nature...thinking perhaps we are masters of it...i love the train and sounds like its an long as the risk is one take by all on it...willingly

    1. I browse for good pics before I write. This pic shows beauty and danger, so I thought. Thanks Brian!


  2. Wow that is quite the pic. Scary indeed and we need to listen to that little voice so we don't get that far gone.

    1. Yes, not to push our luck too far! Thanks Pat!


  3. Scary for sure but yes there is a beauty in adventure. My sis in law is quite an experimenter there

    1. Good to accept challenges, thanks Akila! Why not get your SIL to send some pics to you plus some narrations and we'll have poems done for her.


  4. really a great write. I love the three stanza close lines, where the ending on the question is a perfect close. Great read, thanks.

  5. beauty in responsibility....that's what stood out for me here...the keeping course even if the circumstances are difficult..

  6. Oh my, Hank. This is quite a dramatic image to find such beauty in - what a unique perspective.

  7. Danger Tranquility Responsibility
    Beauty in actions rather than things!
    Yes! And very cleverly done with an image of "the little engine that could!" Do you know that children's story?

  8. Beauty all around..
    we just gotta see it that way :)

  9. what a beautiful scenery you created here - i am sure my breath fogged a little while i read it...
    "Not burdened lately
    By vibrations of the Iron Horse"
    i just love these two lines - they made me smile... i thought i could see the tiny smirk lifting the corner of the author's mouth - very soft and tender.
    beautiful, Hank!

  10. I'm another who thinks it scary. Foolhardy, almost, you might say. But yes, there's beauty in it too.

  11. It's beautiful to look at but its really scary to be in the midst of the snow storm ~ Gotta admire the madness and grit of that train ~

  12. Coming from an area where winter is part of life... It's an awesome beauty with snow and sun.. after the storm... in the storm it's scary as hell, and people and machines wait... but an awesome write ...

  13. beauty in responsibility - i really liked that

  14. That is quite the image of the train blasting through the snow..your words really increased the intensity of the journey. I always enjoy your work Hank.

  15. It would be a thrill...would it not?
    Loved your creativity. It is beautiful.