Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Image:1 Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Florida. My loving wife, Shadah, daughter 
Azlin and son Hafidz. Youngest son Azhar, still a tiny tot then in the pram

Image:2 Disney World's Epcot Center, Florida. My son Hafidz with Epcot's 'Golf Ball' in the background

                                                                            Attribution: Benjamin D Esham
Image:3 Fireworks at Epcot Center, Disney World
Source for image 3:  from Wikimedia Commons (here)

A sudden boom momentarily, a quiet and darkness
Then the skies lighted up, an umbrella of colors engulfed the night
Just as sudden a few more followed sprinkling myriads of goodness
Evoking effects of noise, smoke, floating materials and light

Rocketed upwards flames and sparks of euphoria
Into the air to explode in variety of sizes, shapes and flavor
Accompanied with whoops of joy and shouts of hysteria
A family fare in all innocence to rally around together

Sophistication in fireworks management was not obscure
Aerial fireworks launched with compressed air rather than gunpowder
The display shell exploded in the air using an electronic timer
Put to good use in the Disney’s Epcot night time spectacular

Compressed air launch was logical and a better alternative
Ensured greater accuracy in height and timing of activities
Disney the largest consumer of fireworks in US perspectives
The fireworks were used to accompany their many festivities

All well and good to be able to enjoy such offerings
Injuries and accidental fires occurred, even premature explosions
For both ground or aerial fireworks came with risks of sufferings
Remember the San Diego botched display that went up in 15 seconds!

Besides the noise what about environmental pollution
Potential health risks, hazardous by-products, debris and acid rain
We are still lucky fireworks are not done on a daily occurrence
Nor are fireworks factories accidentally obliterated and flattened!

Written for Tony's hosting at d’Verse OpenLinkNight week 101


  1. Hank, I live not far from Disneyland, where they blow fireworks regularly. So, a lot of debris. The happiest place on earth comes with detritus. ~ M

  2. Lovely picture of the fireworks and nice poem to go with it. Loved the way you described it as an umbrella of colours.

    dropping by from dVerse linkup
    Suzy http://ilasoulpoems.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/siblings.html

  3. I'll never look at fireworks the same way again

  4. can you imagine a fire at a fireworks factory...that would be a might big boom...might spell our doom...and yeah i remember the whimper of that display all going off at once at their bay

  5. Never thought of them like that, but so true, they sure can pollute ones mat and are quite loud too.

  6. Wherever you see fun and beauty, danger is not far behind. Nice one.

  7. I always wondered about how much pollution is caused by fireworks. They're fun but definitely have their down side.
    I like the pictures of your family.

  8. i love fireworks but i know it's an environmental challenge as well...so it's good to keep them as a special thing for special occasions...doesn't it make it all the more magic..?

  9. Hank, fireworks are lovely, but yes, they are an environmental nuisance as well. Nice write and I love the pics.


  10. It seems fun often comes at a price!

  11. I too enjoy fireworks but what a price to pay - injuries and an environmental pollution ~ Enjoyed the pictures too Hank ~

  12. Wonderful memories you are creating for your beautiful family, Hank. I grew up in So. California and remember going to the original Disneyland when it first opened (and many times after). It's so special.

  13. ...i enjoyed diving into your memories Hank... though i haven't yet experienced the fireworks in Disney land... i often went at a local mall here where they showcase grand fireworks exhibition every friday... smiles...

  14. I really enjoy a good fireworks display, but there are probably too many of them now.

    Fireworks factories are specially constructed to minimise the risk of a major explosion - or they are over here.

  15. Ah the two sides.... interesting memories... Nice!