Friday, June 14, 2013

Cowboy Country - Limericks

Image:1 Cowboy Boots and Stirrups

Tough life through the nights till morn
Open country and but don’t get us wrong
Quick on the draw
Not really folklore
Many find it tiring and sleep with their boots on

Image:2 A Lariat

A lariat is all I need to avoid hunger
A  life line in all activities around here
Many reasons
For its presence
Such as bringing them calves down is no bother

Image:3 Branding

You ain’t goin’ anywhere pesky critter
Hah! Got you now runnin’ helter skelter
Brandin’ sure is fun
Lassoing on the run
Gonna press them hot irons on your rear

Image:4 A Cowgirl

Hey baby, rarely one sees a cowgirl around here
Come over here, gonna join us men for some beer
Ain’t you somethin’ ?
Pretty lass in jeans
We men appreciate your company, do you hear?

Marge Bednar is hosting at Real Toads to write on Cowboy Poetry with pics
courtesy from Merri Melde of Equestrian Vagabond


  1. Ropin' is so hard! And I've actually know some "cowboys" who have slept with their boots on. I guess they just get so tired, and mornin' comes so early!

  2. Nice limerick of the country and the dirt
    Not sure with such grime I'd want to flirt
    Then my ocd
    Would get the better of me
    Or maybe a girl could get it on her skirt

  3. haha...a little boldness in that last one...
    have a few cowboys at the school i teach...riders of horse and bull...they compete..and work the farm..

  4. Catchy little poems, Cowboy Hank! #3 is my fave!

  5. You have caught the cowboy spirit in each poem...great work!

  6. Oh, Hank, you old lecher! LOL
    As Margaret said, roping is difficult. I remember a cowboy friend showing off for some tourists, and he actually roped a steer around the tail. Uproariously funny!
    You definitely got into the feel of the cowboy's world here, Hank. Well done.

  7. Lovely, Hank. Each poem offers a glimpse into the cowboy's world. I think you had some fun with these too.

  8. I agree, the fun aspect is plain to see, and they are fun to read, too, Hank. Thanks for playing cowboys with us!

  9. I like your lariat so much better than my lasso! LOL

  10. Agree with others...sounds like you had fun writing these :)