Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Face of Innocence

Image: Face of a Child
Source: Courtesy of Peggy Goetz

It’s all about face
An image so sacred
A portrait of one
Where there are no takers
To others on earth
Even identical twins are different

In physical looks
A person is one and only
No two persons resemble another
How so unique
How so sublime

The wonder of nature
Providence has a hand
But let nature take its course
The individual
Is unto himself
It’s his domain
It’s him to savor
It’s him to take cognizance
A look in the mirror

The portrait of a mother’s pride
And no one to dispute!

Written for Peggy's hosting at Real Toad's with prompt -  About Face


  1. No one to dispute! There is much wisdom in your words, Hank.

  2. i have a book...its a photo essay of a million faces from around the is very cool to flip through and look at all the uniqueness...very cool hank

  3. Yeah no two completely alike, even twins a difference can strike.

  4. Hank, I like where you took that prompt...and that beautiful face has it's own story to tell..and don't they all?

  5. Beautiful Hank and your ending is breathtaking :D

  6. Mothers always see their children as beautiful, I think, Hank. And well they should!!!!

  7. Thanks for this Hank!! I too have marveled at how amazing it is that no two have or are ever completely alike. Amazing to contemplate this!

  8. I loved this, especially your closing lines.

  9. The portrait of a mother’s pride

    Ah, yes. I DO love that last stanza.

  10. You have so captured the essence of the individual here!

  11. You have combined a mother's pride with the individuality of each person...beautiful

  12. Wonderful, Hank. You're right, even identical twins are never completely alike.