Monday, June 10, 2013


                                                                                                Attribution: Rodeine
Image: Land Iguana
Source Wikimedia Commons (here)

A lineage traceable
To the times long gone
Of the age when planet
Earth was the playground
Of creatures of gigantic
Size now extinct

A distant cousin of the era
Of the dinosaurs still persisting
To survive in modern times

An anachronism of history
Carrying the likes of similar
Looks of the fearsome

Others had changed, adapted
and carried the evolution process
through. Look at primates and
just see where are we now... just where is your destination?

Written for Theme Thursday with prompt - destination and shared with  Real Toads Open Link Monday 


  1. He is sure destined to stay forever, if their ancestors thoughts could be tapped, would sure be interesting to see.

  2. What an amazing creature really--and like Pat said--he will be here forever--I wonder if he has a sense of collective unconsciousness?

    I so enjoyed this Hank!

  3. Yesterday was at Smithsonian Natural Museum of History with the dinosaurs and first discoveries of Neanderthals. How synchronous. Loved your writing of that time!

  4. what is the next step...for them or us...we will see...there are lots of these where i lived in florida...lizards everywhere...i thought it was pretty cool to see them all over...

  5. They sure know how to last, not sure about us though

  6. I dare not think. I very much doubt I will recognise myself.

  7. he has lived long, seen much..
    guess he will live long, and keep on seeing much :)

    Destination infinity I think :)

  8. well we really need to think, where human race is heading

  9. Wonderful! Perfect picture and juxtaposition. Will humans exist for so long? Will humans wear a face and form that shows just what our strength and skills have been? And will someone care if we survive.

  10. I think I'd be destined to stay far from that creature. No offense, but he's kinda creepy. Of course, he probably thinks we look strange, too.

  11. The Reptilian Core, does it long for more? Good read!

  12. Hmm, funny how you hear some young people say that older people have skin like a lizard with it getting all wrinkly and leather like. So maybe the human race will last longer than we think. Also am wondering if those were just a bunch of elderly people that Brian saw with all those retirees down there. Oh no is that where I will be pretty soon. Better get out that lotion real quick.

    Iguana's are pretty cool. One of the grandson's has one along with a few other lizards and a few snakes. Visiting his house is almost like visiting a reptile zoo. I think he and his dad would really like this poem. We get little lizards in our backyard and the dogs eat them. I try to save them as often as I can. In Panama you took care of your lizards because they ate the cockroaches and the lizards never went hungry.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is full of great destinations.

    God bless.

  13. where will we be? our destination, no idea.. but i am sure he - the iguana - will be here still..
    the iguana always has fascinated me..
    enjoyed your words, hank, as always