Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Piercing Night Calls

                                                                  Attribution: Jodelet Lepinay
Image: A Cicada Leaving its Moult
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

That sacred moment
Melts the quiet of twilight
Sudden piercing highs

As suddenly it
turns melodious, layered
lingering but firm

Oblivious of the
encroaching dark, an eerie
ensemble beckons

Loudest insect cry
Mating game or distress call
All sounding the same

An orchestra for
the long haul throughout the night
Morbid in nature

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #232 with prompt - cicada


  1. So atmospheric. Well done! I like the idea of "melting the quiet of the twilight"

  2. we havent had them this year like many have but when we lived in maryland we went through and infestation that was morbid...them flying into the buildings their bodies littering the sidewalks and roads...crunching under foot...

  3. Gawd they are ugly. Hank, you express well the noisy cry/din of these creatures. They are creepy.

  4. That's one stunning first stanza. Reading that, I was yours for keeps. I agree with Lolly: the poem is wonderfully atmospheric. Great write.

  5. They can sure keep you up at night with their buzzing flight

  6. Beautiful cycle. Wonderful expressions

  7. I loved how this developed, and you had me from the start.

    Something funny, the first summers I lived here in Milwaukee I thought that the sound was some horrific electrical whining in the power lines or something. The way it crescendos and decrescendos. Maddening.

  8. Liked them all, but number four is so true:)

  9. Mating game or distress call
    All sounding the same...ha...yes..that can be close together the pic as well..never seen one so close...fascinating..

  10. nice set....they are so alien in appearance and life-cycle....

  11. Great set... but the melting is the real perfect one.

  12. I like that little bit about "an orchestra for the long haul." Cicadas certainly do seem to go on and on and on!


  13. Awesome series Hank. Thanks for joining.