Sunday, June 9, 2013

Volcanic Eruption

                                                                                                 Attribution: gnuckx
Image: Mount Etna Eruption
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The Wordle words given were: spewing,jet,page,steps,park

Note: The word ‘spewing’ gave the impression of lava
ash spurting out from a crater. The recent Pavlov volcano
eruption in the Aleutian peninsula inspired this wordle

A rumbling to life was felt blowing
Across the northern lights shimmering

An eruption plume was seen in the distance
Jets of hot lava were spewing in abundance
All out from a fiery hot crater
Accompanied then with a thunderous roar
That well shook the ground yards below
Where satellite images showed a lava flow
Reminiscent from a page in history
Of impending destruction of previous many

Spilling out down the northern side  
Threateningly towards a park astride
A small stream resting in all innocence
Where at 15,000 feet above sea level an ash plume
Was hovering and steps were taken to alert pilots of hazardous
Conditions in the area to curb crazy maneuvers

Residents from afar observed an incandescent glow so bright
With a dash of beautiful colors at the summit during the night.

The long stretch of heightened activity remained
On orange alert status for many days thence

Written for Brenda's Sunday Wordle #112 Shared with One Single Impression #276 with prompt - dash 
and Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #153


  1. Glad I don't live near one...

  2. I wouldn't mind witness the eruption of a volcano, but from a safe distance, of course!

    Four-Word Whirl

  3. so much raw power in a volcano...its pretty amazing to watch on tv...dont know that i would want to b there when one went has to be pretty awe-filled and scary....

  4. You write so wonderfully, I was taken through different emotions, fear, awe and joy.
    Loved these lines
    Reminiscent from a page in history
    Of impending destruction of previous many

  5. You grasped the awesome power of it. Nice one.

  6. You made great use of the suggested words to bring the terrifying description of the volcano to life.

  7. Wouldn't want to be near it at all, here at my hall, be it is quite the sight to see, as told by thee

  8. Nicely depicted,,, felt all the rush and chaos:)

  9. Hank, I live close to an active volcano, so this spoke to me on many levels. Well done.


  10. You painted the picture so well. Scary!

  11. Gorgeous images for a frightening event. Well done.

  12. Some nice interior rhyme - an ekphrastic poem.

  13. This is actually a very scary occurrence Hank ~ I have experienced this spewing of the volcano and the air was full of ash for several days ~

  14. You have brought the volcano to life, Hank. Wouldn't want to be in the vicinity of an eruption....very vivid writing.

  15. Powerful description, so well worded. I can't help but think of the terror all those people must have felt in the city of Pompeii.

  16. Very vivid description of a very scary event! Terrifying!

  17. ...from afar I can call this beautiful!

  18. It is good to view it on my TV. Makes you realise how small and helpless we are when nature shakes her fist.

  19. Very descriptive and visual. The volcanic power is well expressed in the power of your words. Well done.

  20. Volcanos impress me, yours too Hank. Your poem did well for them.
    I've flown inside the Mt. St. Helens crater, climbed up both Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, and walked on the lava flow of the Hawaii volcano that my memory lapse won't let me know.

    A nice use of 'dash' too, I like dashes of color.

  21. Quite an eruption! I enjoyed the imagery you use throughout. Nicely written.

  22. Good description and a picture painted bright and bold!! Nice work Hank!!

  23. Impressive. You've caught the drama of it.

  24. Oh wow intense, primal, powerful perfect choice for prompt