Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trudging in the Rain

                                                                                                Image: Wordle #168
Sunday Whirl words:
arms blood blind cape candle ghosts
hill image mission ragged rain simple

Care to see a homeless
trudging in the rain?
Ragged cape carelessly
covering his head
Ghosts of his sinful acts
in the past caught up with him

Blind to his predicament
they came with a mission
crying for blood
His arms tired in warding
them off
He could only think
in simple terms
on how to clear his conscience

Given the present situation
it was an uphill task
If he could only have a light
just a candle-light
to provide a clear image
so he could make amends

He would care to persevere
to pay his dues for what he did
His resolve to repay a debt
to those who suffered before

He had suffered enough!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle #168


  1. Trudging in the rain is trial enough when you have a home to come back to...worse if you don't...I think there comes a time when we have all paid our dues..nicely hank!

  2. plenty of sad stories just like that...guys/gals...trudging though life just looking for a light to lead them back to the path...suffering...and we are only a decision away from joining times....

  3. Love it because you made this person a human not a freak.

  4. Love the very real humanity you found in these words. Good writing,


  5. Everyone struggles to make amends for their sins at some point in life. You've captured that feeling in this very well.

  6. A part of every ones life, in one form or another

  7. Sins can catch up to us and the dues sure will come due. Every one has a few.

  8. Many of us have a smugness about life saying that wouldn't happen to us. In fact just a simple error of judgement may have set the ball rolling to disaster. It is best not to judge others.

  9. Hank the Rhyming Tank! Great stuff as always. We could - each one of us -end up trudging in the rain.

  10. Lots of choices from which to learn about life. :) Nicely written, Hank.