Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Asking questions of Karma!

                                                                                                Attribution: Walker
Image:  Peace and Quiet Desired
by Many but denied to Some (here)

When good dreams wander
Questions of Karma are asked
Are there choices missed?

What impacts the world?
Basic needs for survival
Food shelter and peace

Can it be better?
Added hopes for the future 
is still being denied!

Bad dreams recur when
devious acts meant to destroy
are meted on some

By acts of nature?
No, deceit and connivance
coupled with power

Despots and the crooks
Gleefully grabbing the spoils
Suffer on death-beds

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #528 with Basho's  -  my dreams start to wander


  1. death finds us all...thankfully those despots as well...
    is there hope for this world...i try to cling to it...
    but the shadows are getting awfully dark..
    you know?

  2. Circumstances are bad enough for some and people make it worse.

  3. Devious acts committed not by nature, but by man...sad isn't it?

  4. Always someone out there trying to take from others, ruining life for many

  5. I would like to think that some deathbed suffering occurs for the crooks, but I doubt it...

  6. death comes to all - the great equalizer in the end, right?
    Great questions. :)

  7. Straight from the news - the betrayal of peace.
    And yet we are want to not give up the hopeful dreams of peace.

  8. It's very certain that we all once will die and I hope that I than can write a haiku as nice as yours.