Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Whirl - Creature of the Forest

                                                                                    Attribution: Greg Hume
Image: A Sumatran Orangutan

The words are: creature forest jump hangs magic hum 
passions thrive storming swarm without while words

A creature of the forest
It jumps hangs and swings
Slow in movements but like magic
it can be expected to cover
much grounds roaming
the jungle

Much is expected of it
Much endangered specie
that thrive on its own prowess
to survive

They swarm upon each other
In friendly banter
Without words all
the while maintaining passions
as a human in all mannerisms
and body language, storming,
shrieking or lying lazily with a
A daily afternoon siesta.
That’s the orangutan

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl #170  -  a Baker's dozen


  1. Great poem Hank, love poems about wildlife. Well done.

  2. I love this one Hank. I love orangutans. I would love to visit Borneo and Sumatra someday to see them in the wild.

    1. Not sure in Sumatra Keith but certainly in Borneo. But somehow they are named as Sumatran though.


  3. They sure know how to hang about and have fun

  4. What a lovely and comforting poem, Hank. God's creatures are beautiful.


  5. Goodness knows why we give them human attributes when we have theirs. We are different of course because we are hell bent on killing them off along with so many other species. OK, not you or me but sufficient of our kind that has scant care of our planet's diversity. Let hope we learn eventually but don't bank on it.