Monday, July 28, 2014

Perils of a Double Agent

                                                                                     User: Arianna
Image:  Mata Hari  (here)

The Wordle words:  
dulcet (melodious) cobalt chiffon surround sleuth 
cling halcyon possess dandelion fence asphalt

Extending a memorable dulcet offering
Dancing in chiffon cobalt purple dress
Cavorting with the enemy in keeping
as a sleuth behind enemy lines no less

To surround herself with the higher-ups
Thinking of halcyon days of old to cling
to memory of how it had been dubbed
Possessed of a dancer's nature that inviting

Mata Hari a pearl in the dandelion patch
King and country or self glory she did her part
Survived through links of fences and trusted match
Ended on asphalt an executioner's bullet in her heart

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie Wordle #19 and
Kerry's hosting at Real Toads's Open Link Mondays


  1. This made me look up info on her. I was familiar with the name but knew little of her life. Glad to have read your poem.

  2. Not an end that would have been thought I bet, never knew much about her until now

  3. Woman of mystery from history!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  4. Not at all like it, Hank, but something here reminds me of "The Three Musketeers." I suppose it is all the covert action. You wrote it good.

  5. Great read Hank, most enjoyable.

  6. Not a glorious ending but perhaps predictable.

  7. Mata Hari a pearl in the dandelion patch! love that.

  8. Wow...poetic and a history lesson at the same time. Great work Hank!

  9. she def is an interesting character from history...
    not a great ending but i guess that comes with the business...

  10. Beautifully crafted. Many of the lines would describe several duplicitous women I have come upon in life - surrounding themselves with the higher-ups in order to gain access to "intel" to use to their advantage. Sadly, a lot of people are not what they seem.

  11. Lovely use of the wordle Hank, plus a beautiful piece on an historical figure.