Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fording the shallow waters

                                                                                         Attribution: Ian Wigley
Image: Footpath fords a Stream  (here)

Path along the fence
Sight to see with colorful
flowers all along

Path across a stream
Fording the shallow waters
Thrill for the youngsters

Grazing land with path
seldom used, lest charging bulls
appear raging mad

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #515  - with Buson's  on short-cut path


  1. Raving mad bulls - what a way to end it!

  2. ha. you def have to watch for those bulls
    i have a large scar down my leg
    to remind me.

  3. Fun until the bulls come in sight, then run away

  4. Well done! The meaning of place is different for each of us.

  5. like your variious visions ... esp. the second, could hear the children laugh!

  6. Great haiku Hank ... every one a different image .... giving us the space to be ourselves and find ourselves in a different place. Thanks!

  7. Charming set. Suburbia on the edge of a small wooded and weeding utility easment - that's where I live. But just a few miles up the road I bet I could find a nice farm that looks just like your photo! And the children, stream and bulls too.