Sunday, July 13, 2014

There was always that silver lining

                                                                                       Attribution: Bhaskaranaidu
Image: Necklace with Locket  (here)

The 12 words are:
1. Grudge 2. Numinous 3. Malady 4. Locket 5. Sentimental 6. Recover
7. Grain 8. Linen 9. Knees 10. Wilt 11. Silver 12. Hollow

He was numinous in his dealings
Not to hold a grudge he was told
He had always held good feelings
Of his fellow men who were bold

A malady that he sadly discovered
Could not help recover his loss with regret
Honesty of those around that mattered
Of sentimental value loss of a locket

Not a grain of hope could be told
Pulled the linen, got on his knees searching
Hoping for it not to have been sold
Wilted with despair he could be crying

It might seem hollow to think otherwise
But there was always that silver lining
It might be lying hidden from prying eyes
To be discovered later one fine morning

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie #17 and
Kerry's Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. We place great sentimental store by our possessions, don't we? I hope the lost locket is found one day, by one who needs it.

  2. Somethings sure do hold more value than others and you just never know where it could show up.

  3. There are a few pieces of jewelry that would break my heart if I lost them...we attach our heart to things don't we?

  4. This one is too high for me to uncover the subtle meaning. I will have to sleep over it. Keep going with your good work, Hank.

  5. Well I hope it just lying somewhere in the house and can be found the next day ~ I hate it when I misplaced my jewelry ~

  6. Hopefully it is found somewhere, maybe the freezer?

  7. The necklace is beautiful and to lose it would be so much painful.

  8. Really enjoyed you abab rhyming....

  9. Lost but not giving up on find it again "But there was always that silver lining" not a bad way to look at life.

  10. a lot of times finding the silver lining is all in the perspective we take...on a story much larger than our own...perhaps it is where it needs to be, now.

  11. I agree with Brian (he said it far more elegantly than I could). You have done an excellent job with the story and poem has a wonderful rhythm

  12. Oh yes... that what we are searching for may be found some other day, when we least expect it. A thoughtful piece, filled with wisdom. :-)