Sunday, July 6, 2014

Occupational Hazards of a Godfather!

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag #227 (here)

A tough guy in the making did you say?
He did not look like one to inherit the seat

He was, eventually he did
He became a budding Godfather!

How did he do it.
He looked a softie in the portrait
Cradling a pussycat
He ought to be handling a gun

But it was an old portrait
Taken a decade ago
A lot had happened since then
He was instrumental in getting
Big Bad Joe bumped off
He also played a hand in quelling
the 'mutiny' that followed
He is now held in high esteem
by all the guys and even our 'rivals'
the wannabes down the street

So he is going to be our next Godfather?
It looks like, yes!

Ok, what do we do then?
We'll play the same game
And return the favor
You mean?

So agreed, this is our pact
You work out the details
Before he gets to us
We'll bump him off first

I'll drink to that, cheers!

For Tess' Magpie Tales


  1. Indeed, a lot can happen in a decade. Some roads we go down are visited upon us and we have no choice but to comply. Other roads we go down of our own free will - and some of those, turn out to be dark choices. Those are the roads filled with the most regret, I think.

  2. ha. good luck with that...better be careful his ears dont pick up on your plan....and that is the dangers of the family you bump one off to get there...and you better watch your back...

  3. Sharp and quite clever; well done.

  4. Power can be scary to some people... amazingly penned!!

  5. I loved the language of this poem Hank. 'Bump him off'......good one i like that.

  6. haha I'm all for that. Better him than you

  7. Ha! What the mask can do! Amasing!

  8. Wonderful take on the prompt this week, Hank!

  9. Ha! His cat doesn't want him to sleep with the fishes...

  10. Cheers back! Imagine just how real this certainly was! Splendid write.

  11. You really brought this to life and put a plan in place as well...I say just RUN before he gets you..

  12. Loved this. One of my fave's this week, kk - Godfather in the making indeed!

  13. A bad hombre.Wonder if he will get bumped off! . . . or cause a real bloodbath.

    Love the story and the idea ~ Eddie

  14. And now he resides in portait on the walls of scarface Hogwarts !

  15. Ah yes, even godfathers were young and innocent once!