Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dignified with lots of pride and elegance

                                                                            Artist:  B C Koekkoek - 1846
Image: Elegant young Lady (here)

The 10 wordle words chosen are:
 Ravishing  Voice  Frisson Pure Drawn Circuitous 
Artifice  Exclusion Castigate Taciturn

A ravishing beauty with a sultry voice
Flaunting all of her assets endowed
Creating that measure of frisson desire
Are the female gender of pure nerves

They may be drawn in a circuitous medley
Sitting confidently in hues of artifice pleasure
To the exclusion of any modest speculation
Nor to castigate any outburst of male dominance

Taciturn by nature ladies love to be challenged
In their quiet little ways of acceptance
Dignified with lots of pride and elegance
Men-folks had better be warned

For you have not met your match
Of a lady of character and strength
Who ply their knowledge and guile
In the background in support of their men

For Kerry's hosting at Open Link Monday at Real Toads and
Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Wordle # 16


  1. Interesting use of the words and very well crafted poem! I enjoyed it very much.

  2. This is an exceptional and sophisticated piece wonderful

  3. She sure sounds like she could hold her own doing anything

  4. What a character you have portrayed!! Lovely work!

  5. there is much to be said of ladies with character...i think it is far more beautiful than any layer of makeup and frizzed up hair...ha

  6. A great description of a lady with character, Hank. Well done.

  7. What a lovely woman - strong and proud. Luckily there are many ladies like this and you describe these qualities well.

  8. Character goes farther than most anything else

  9. the picture exudes serenity and so does this poem:)

  10. …to have one on your side is surely a good thing :)