Wednesday, July 9, 2014

He had a confession to make!

                                                                        Attribution: Pedro Simoes
Image: The Kisses and the Beginnings (here)

3WW : eerie guarded translucent

Real Toads Word List: fresh  burst  defy  chain struck 
forward  exchange  customary  prefer close

Poets United: the key

He had wished to make a fresh start
Never had he anticipated the burst of enthusiasm
That could defy such ominous feelings of anxiety
that struck the chain of events

Guarded in his interest in such customary exchange
he had preferred to have just to close the chapter
and move forward without much fanfare
but he had a confession to make

That eerie feeling translucent in nature
was inching slowly much too slow
He had never thought he could muster
the courage to admit that she did it

yes, she did!
she had stolen the key to his heart!

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  1. This by photo as well, but line after line, it simply stole my heart! Beautiful.

  2. ha. once the keys are stolen, you might as well accept it...
    love is a risk, that you have to take...

  3. Well done. It would be hard to move forward without a heart. Like a car, it needs a way to start up!

  4. Once that key is taken, who wants it back, have to risk it

  5. I hope it turns out to be a good theft! Love is key ;)

  6. Loved this, Hank!! The key to one's heart is the best kind of key.

  7. Ha! You slammed all those words together and told a very suspense-filled tale of love.

  8. That is my kind of key..lovely poem Hank

  9. Well I hope it works out well in the end ~ She did stole the key to his heart, smiles ~


  10. One key to let go and hold onto another's

  11. Ha! Sounds like he was not in a hurry to realize that, smiles. Good one, Hank.

  12. It can take a while to figure out the keys are gone.

  13. Some girls have an uncanny knack in doing that. I meet a lot of them.

  14. as long as she doesn't throw it away while you're still locked to her! thanks for joining in, Hank ~ M

  15. confession of kinds... Leaves many a brave week in knees.... Beautiful

  16. the best key she's got...nice one Hank :)

  17. and now romance!!! very wonderful and cloud 9-ish. I enjoyed your poem!

  18. Hank, an exquisite portrait of romance. The confession was my favorite part, plus the way he sweated out whether to bear his true feelings. The final two lines, perfect. Glad to see you, my friend! Amelita

  19. Those darn keys ;-) This was lovely, and left me with a smile on my face.

  20. wow..she took the most important key..very nice Hank...