Thursday, July 31, 2014

An impending monsoon comes!

                                                                                     Attribution: Amjithps
Image:  The First Monsoon rains (here)

The Words are:
blues trills birds fluty branches
ping monsoon chestnut rocks
swallow lungs blends shining

Quavering through the blues
Trills of vibratory bird sounds
Hidden fluty not in view
In branches emitting ping tones

Signals an impending monsoon 
With expected torrential rains
That goads peaceful months
into wet cold nights that sustains

Boughs of strong chestnut
Rocks in heavy roaring winds
To swallow intense strong gusts
in lungs full of guts and pain

As quickly as in the morning
Night transforms into day that blends 
to one so bright and shining
Such is quick weather change

For Redwolf Poems We Wordle #23


  1. the weather can change on a dime here..its been cold and damn...kinda glad i dont have monsoons...when we lived in florida you could about set your watch to when the storms would roll across....sunny one moment and pouring the next.

  2. Sure can change on a whim and you never know what will come. All that rain is not something I wish for though, but beats snow anyday

  3. You can always count on the weather to change

  4. Your poetry just keeps getting better and better. Loved this!

  5. I love your first line and the word "Quavering" - really nice wordle

  6. aloha Hank. i like your quick weather scope. indeed the transition from moment to moment can be so fleeting. and so completely gone in that departure. cool. aloha. rick.

  7. Your poem brought back dramatic memories of living in the tropics. Thank you.

  8. This reminds me of when I lived in southeast Asia. Weather is a fascination.

  9. Wow you really transported us into gales and then into shining. Talk about the weather!

  10. i've never experienced a monsoon in real life....i think you captured the essence wonderfully!

    stacy lynn mar