Saturday, July 12, 2014

An eccentric inventor that he was!

Image: Courtesy of Brenda's (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #169
cheeky eclipse hike honors lackluster manufactured 
millions piece room shot side throat

His cheeky antics eclipsed his brilliance
He could have hiked more honors
for himself. Instead he was attributed with
a lackluster performance, a grossly
unfair assessment of his ability

He prided himself in being an inventor
of many things but he could not go that
extra mile to benefit from them
He did not feel threatened as
this was his own company

The marketing team had envisaged
millions if those items could be manufactured
But an eccentric inventor that he was
he kept coming up with little pieces
that were just stored in a side room
These were not seeing a shot at being sold
It was a stranglehold on the company's
throat. Invariably costs could not be
controlled where income was trailing
behind. The company could not sustain
itself and it fell into oblivion

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl


  1. Unfair assessment of ability - or applying to the right ends- can often lead into a fall into oblivion! Poor inventor...he must keep trying

  2. I have an uneasy feeling this would be me. Loved your cheeky inventor.

  3. Poor guy got the crummy end of the stick, but that is how it can go sometimes, some slick

  4. An idealist or inventor is rarely a salesman as perfection is always just out of reach.

  5. Nicely done, Hank...I can see where you were going at the first line;)

  6. Nice write! You kept me going on for more!

  7. How sad! The end of a once-promising company...

  8. Nicely done and too bad the company fell into oblivion!

  9. Cheeky and well done, Hank. Sorry for the late visit.