Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Being Thankful - Shakespearian Sonnet

                                                             Attribution: Jon Ashcroft                         
Image Being Thankful Icon
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

a             Creating desire to be thankful
b             Many are taken with such noble thoughts
a             They make a real effort to be grateful
b             and to register very well their lot

c             Sadly ingrates persist not to bother
d             Begged for help to later disappear
c             No conscience and took it as small matter
d             Favors from others do not register

e             Is it a weakness of one’s character
f              To succumb to sob stories easily
e             Only to realize being duped later
f              By the unscrupulous and paid dearly
g             It may hurt but for poetic justice
g             is an equalizer without malice

A Shakespearian sonnet of 14 lines with end rhymes of
a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g while maintaining the 10-syllable
count for each line

Written for Tony's hosting at d’Verse’s OpenLinkNight week 125


  1. Replies
    1. I always love a new sonnet.. you manage very nicely with clever rhymes and a message that hits home...

  2. Have to watch those sob stories, plenty a con could creep up on your lawn

  3. nicely done man to form...not easy for me....ha, there are def great equalizers and poetic justice that comes in to play...i am often a sucker to stories...

  4. Wow, you did a marvelous bit of depth in every line. Beautiful!

  5. I adore your photo to go with this too!

  6. well...part of what you sait could be said about politicians fooling their people as well..

  7. a good sob story … My husband has complained we have seen all sad movies lately … yet I always feel empowered by them, somehow. I guess he feels empowered by "action" movies.

  8. I'm impressed with your sonnet, Hank. I think it is important to remember to be thankful.

  9. I love your work with this form and the underlying message as well, Hank. Also, I like that your rhyming was not forced which resulted in the poem having a contemporary appeal.

  10. Hank,

    Enjoyed your sonnet and a reminder to be thoughtful...

  11. Hank,

    You have been very successful with your sonnet. Thankfulness is always appreciated, in most circumstances!! Being wary of the tricksters of course as well!!
    Eileen :)

  12. I love this form although I suck at it--and you just make it feel effortless--beautiful write and lovely message!

  13. you managed to write this sonnet and get a timely message in as well. That was very nicely done.

  14. Wow, to whip out a sonnet without it being prompted from FFA is impressive in itself, but to write on both true to form, and still be such good poetics is the real achievement; for me when I give to others, I stifle the urge to expect reciprocity or thanking; perhaps pessimistic, perhaps just realistic; but it works for me.

  15. a moral sonnet, or perhaps a sonnet with a moral - well done, Hank ~

  16. A beautiful sonnet .... loved the message :-)

  17. nice... always good to stretch the poetic muscels with form... i also like the message you weave in

  18. Hiya Hank,
    a fellow sonneteer this evening, although I didn't aspire to rhyme today. I liked your daring use of half-rhyme.

  19. Great sonnet Hank! I agree about the importance of grateful ness in our everyday interactions with others.

  20. Thank you, Hank, for your encouragement, your generosity to the dVerse community, and for this sonnet ... smiles.


  21. nice - to trust in the goodness of others is not a weakness, unless it is blindly done, otherwise it isa kindness.

  22. Poetic justice does seem to come into play in these instances. Nice work with the form Hank.

  23. Clever sonnet and strong writing, Hank!