Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hoping for a Better World

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag#196

That faraway look of an angel
Reading and surfing slowly across
Enraptured with memories so feeble
Not wanting  to appear lost

Demure and forlornly stable
Reacting to one so disappointing
Why are they not readily able
But flare up in an eye of a blink

To forgive and forget is apt
Angels do that all the time
But humans not one to adapt
Stained and soiled in grime

Why aren’t humans all angels
So sincere and helpful to all
Have a world in entirety central
Devoid of faults and walking tall

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales


  1. eh humans were never angels, there is free will involved there...and emotions and we let our heart rule...and find ourselves listening to it...and holding grudges...hey i am all for forgiveness...but i think you have to deal with your junk before you can get to forgetting...because when you get hurt it does matter and you cant ignore that.

  2. If humans would be angels there would be a whole other world. Better, peaceful, but probably a lot less interesting.

  3. Not even close to angels but it would be a better place

  4. If only it were that way, but sadly not as greed rules

  5. Your poem captures a dream of a better reality! Very nice!

  6. Ah... perfection. that we would all choose nirvana at the end of our evolution.

  7. Why not indeed? Would we become jaded, bored? Nice write, Hank.

  8. especially love the first stanza here, hank...

  9. Wise and wonderful words coming through off the wings of a dream. Lovely prose.

  10. Thought provoking piece, Hank.

  11. So heartfelt, Hank. I especially am drawn to stanza #3. I hadn't yet seen this prompt pic and think you captured the essence beautifully.

  12. By golly i think youve jagged it ! , an Angel indeed she is

  13. Oh that we were all angels and the world a better place - but would life develop a monotony...?
    Anna :o]

  14. Humans are just human..that is why we need angels to help us in the journey..we are free to make choices whether good or bad..thoughtful write Hank..:)

  15. I like that view of angles. Pensive, kind, and...detached. While we slog it out here.

  16. Of course, that would be ANGELS not, um, angles. Too early here....