Sunday, December 29, 2013

It Worked All the Time!

Image: Courtesy of the Sunday Whirl

The words are:
answer blast chance  integral map softly
synchronize think tincture tint tip

A blast from the past
By chance prompted him
To map out a strategy

An integral part
of the answer
Was in his ability
To synchronize
All of the visual tints
A tincture of hope
In life’s offerings

A tip he held on dear to
Was to face up to problems
To nip them in the bud
Before they became

Softly about it!
It worked all time!

Written for Brenda’s Sunday Whirl’s Wordle #141


  1. Don't panic! You are so right an early reasoned approach to each problem and it is cut down to size. Often sharing helps too then the size of the issue is reduced.

  2. To every negative problem is a positive outcome.


  3. Good advice- nip those problems in the bud before it gets to be too much!
    Happy New year!

  4. Absolutely so..if you watch and wait it rarely changes the course of things! Happy New Year to you

  5. hummmm....'best laid plans...'

  6. For everything that may go wrong, there is always a silver lining, in my opinion. Nice, Hank, I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I too, enjoy your company on the blogging network.