Monday, December 16, 2013

A Holiday Break - A Tetractys

                                                                                             Artist: Charles Conder
Image: Holiday on the Beach
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Tetractys is a poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing. It consists of 5 lines 
of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 syllables (a total of 20). A Tetractys can be written as a 
Double Tetractys with 2 verses, but must  be in an inverted form

Team d’Verse
Pub is now closed
For a well deserving rest and leisure
Have a wonderful holiday for all
A bit quiet
Over here
Life goes

Note: The d'Verse Pub is closed for a holiday break. It'll be open again at the
beginning of the year. Happy Holidays everyone!

Written for Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. life does go on...and we should be living it more...
    it will be a good break...i am delving a bit more into my short stories
    instead of poetry for a bit...having fun...

    won't be linking anywhere until after the first of the year either
    but i will be around...smiles.

    1. Happy Holidays Brian! Looking forward to the new format you'll be introducing!
      It should be fun. Short stories can lead to novel writing later for those young people who will be around longer! Merry Christmas to everyone, Tara, Logan and Cole.


  2. what a nice way to express the wishes for holidays!!

  3. Yeah, sadder for the silence, but life (and this work) does go on. The moon is full tonight regardless! Best of the season to you - Brendan

  4. Sounds like a prehistoric bird, that tetracyts! See you in 2014! Enjoy!

  5. Life goes on indeed but the cat will always be posting away

  6. I'm glad the pub and its tenders are taking some time off to enjoy the holidays, though of course they are missed--like your nod to them, also Hank. Have a great Christmas.

  7. Wishing you well during this time of year, Hank. I always enjoy hearing from you.

  8. I will be checking your blog, Hank! Glad to see YOUR blog is open as usual...hope to see you over at Poetry Pantry Sunday as well.

  9. It definitely is a lot quieter without the pub.

  10. I seem to have commented before but the blogosphere and google account verification ate up my comments lol. Happy Holidays and I will be trying out this new poem! :)