Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wild Dreams

Image: Courtesy of Brenda's

Wordle #139 with words:
angel  apart  box  clay  cover  fix  lies 
moon  pair simple snatch  waves

A hovering  angel over him ever watching
With immense desire wanting to please
But his conscience was a cover thwarting
All attempts to relate to him with ease

He tried to fix a typical line of defense
Offering lies between reality and fantasy
He gave  mild responses  in idyllic resistance
Waves of distraction caught his fancy

Apart from some fanciful footwork
To deflect attention from the ever seeing
He tried to snatch some hours to mock
The prowess of those spiritual beings

A simple endeavor  using a box of clay
And with wild dreams of sorcerers of old
A pair of gloves on a moon lit night he did pray
Believing that clay would be turned to gold

Only blessed gloves needed to be worn
To receive the converted gold he so desired
But with an empty look far into the horizon
He could only bid his time as expected

Writtten for Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #139


  1. seems a slightly confused guy toward what is really important in thsi quest for gold he missed the real riches

  2. There are guys like this in our world. Well wordled.

  3. Short cuts, quick fixes how mankind thinks there is a way to avoid hard work. Only when we do a job properly can we fathom an easier way.

  4. a lesson well learned - work hard for what you want!

  5. Nice format and rhyme scheme support your words, Hank. We can only be who we are, and that is a gift in itself.

  6. It seems there is always something?

  7. The road can be paved with crap, stray away and more can come

  8. Some things are definitely out of our hands..this felt like a fairy story..magical..and at the same time a cautionary ending..