Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not a Game but an Investment

                                                                                                     Attribution: Jon Candy
Image: Scoring Goals
Sources: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The given words are:
border crisis depend fire forces insight
issue plight road thanks trouncing word

A near disaster it borders on the unknown
The plight of an elite team given a trouncing
In a word it was a failure that needs mending

It was ideally a road to success nearly achieved
But thanks to the new signing, a complete flop
He depends too much on being fed with crosses

An insight into a team game phenomena
Is completely lacking and that became an issue
Fire power of the forwards is being questioned

It forces the management into a crisis mode
Team games depend on everyone’s total commitment
Though individual flair helps sell tickets

But at the end of the day it must be emphasized
that forays  across must be translated into goals
Bigger names are a drain on the Club’s coffers

New owners from the Middle East or India
Make a bid to avoid the impending relegation
For soccer is no more a game but an investment

Written for Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl wordle #137 and
Mary's hosting at Poetry Pantry # 178


  1. Isn't that the way with most sports these days? Not a game, but an investment?

    1. That is right and big money is involved. Wonder how stressful it is to the athletes or players to be really at their best in each competition or game!


  2. it does make for an interesting conundrum...we like our superstars, but it takes a team to win...the bulls went through that with jordan as well...back int he day...sadly money has destroyed much of the fun of professional sports...

  3. individual skill of the players make the game good, but teamwork my friend is what makes it great! and yes, owners just view it as a bussiness.

  4. Did the game lose some vital ingredient when it became the property of big business? I think so.

  5. An excellent summary of the true state of Facts. The commercially driven games have dramatically changed sport's ecosystem and with it the mindset of players.!! Money sure comes into play, as the holy ghost has said!

  6. It is all about the money when you get into the bigger teams, that is for sure

  7. Sports has lost some of the romantic appeal.. to much business.. at least for me...

  8. Once again I think you win the gold cup for the most original take on the prompts!

  9. Hope in the future with no money soccer will be only a game...Nice on the prompt.

  10. I believe a lot has been lost now that sports isnt a game but an investment - a lot of the joy of playing for the love of it is lost when salaries are so high and coveted. Good one, Hank.

  11. I'm not into sports. You're right it's all become a business, money maker ... and also all the products for sale associated with sports. Good one, Kaykuala :)

  12. True. These sports have just become investments. It is all about money in every field. Well expressed. :-)

  13. It is always about money in the end. Strong write, Hank.


  14. The teams keep getting the money to pay the athletes so I guess the fans keep on paying.

  15. Sport is not sporting any more. Corruption, cheating and egos have made the word irrelevant.

  16. Hank,

    Once again a message behind the are indeed about money and investments but, it bothers me that fans have to pay so much money to see
    an event but, as long as fans are willing to pay the games will continue

  17. i wonder what money can't do and what is not an investment in today's world.....a very powerful write up....

  18. Not a soccer fan - but my menfolk very much agree with your last line.
    Anna :o]