Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Elegance of Being

                                                                                          Attribution: James Steakley
Image: Elegance in Nature
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

3WW with:
Crisp Exquisite Magnificent

Crisp in a manner of speaking
Exquisite and of charming substance
Magnificent in make-up of elegance
Can one be faulted?

For thinking of having intruded
Against the odds of discovery
Eyeing with eagerness the likes
Of maidens in all innocence

Where then it was ingenuity
Of the highest order to win a favor
Of a charming lady of leisure

But now with the preponderance
Of predators one is looked upon
As  a pedophile on the sly
Can one be faulted?

Written for Thomg's 3-Word Wednesdays


  1. geez...pedophiles...not high on my list of those to give grace to...ugh...
    can one be faulted....yes...i think a choice is made there...

  2. Some things can be twisted around indeed

  3. A brave write..maybe there is a difference in how things are looked at..I think your title hints at the right way..

  4. Yeah, the look and manners not always give us the warranty of inner beauty...~ thoughtful write ~ cool on the prompt 3ww

  5. Difficult water to dip your toe in. Potential can be forecast, keep silent and better to look on those who have achieved it.

  6. one can be faulted. Merry Christmas