Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift of a Lifetime

                                                                                 Attribution: West Midlands Police
Image: Seized cannabis
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

3WW with words   -  brief  expose  insist
Poetry Jam with prompt   -   gift

A brief moment of laughter
Enthralled with a gift of a lifetime
But unknowingly thrown to the dogs
Sad instances of lost opportunities
Revealing man to be vulnerable

An expose’ of strange happenings
Bane of the lost and the wayward
Many caught in a vicious web
Salivating at the mouth and wanting more
Nervous wrecks found in street corners

Law enforcement do insist
That parental guidance be enhanced
Formative years sweet and enchanting
Attraction to base and idle needs
Young people easily led astray
Ensnared into bouts of blissful ecstasy
At its best the rampant drug scene

Written for Mary's hosting at Poetry Jam and shared with ThomG's hosting at 3WW 


  1. Yeah sadly there is many that are lead astray, believing they are invincible to the side effects

  2. Wow...amazing picture! Drugs are a world wide problem involving law enforcement corruption,crime and suffering....I think the answer is to turn everyone on to poetry Hank. Interesting topic that ruins lives and families.

  3. Your poem highlights an all-too-rampant problem, Hank. Illegal drugs may first seem like a 'gift,' but end up being an awful curse!!

  4. where there is temptation there is always the takers and the taken. A powerful tale of what seem good but is bad.

  5. Not just young people..many you wouldn't expect are nervous wrecks in their own dark corners..nicely penned..

  6. Yes! Nicely penned ... I would not want to experience those years all over, I worry for my grandchildren now ... Heaven help us!

  7. Actual problem, a strong message!

  8. well i do not encourage or condone the use of addictive drugs, but I for one do not look down on people who smoke weed.

  9. The only gift from drugs is recovery.

  10. Some are misled by their "gifts" but they are more hallucinations than anything ~ Good one Hank ~

  11. Interesting title! Too many young people are lured and then led astray while the fat cats just get fatter!

  12. The sad truth is that we do not live a beautiful and wonderful world full of opportunities and success. Consumerism and greed promoted by multinationals make us feel unworthy and inadequate so turn to a quick fix. Humanity is so expendable.

  13. legalize weed, it still leaves its poisonous residues within us; know a friend who smoked 4 over 40 years, and now in his 60's has a multiplicity of autoimmune issues; better than tobacco 4 U, but not much; and the personality alterations are devastating. Nice job on the prompt, sir; mine was on the dark side too.

  14. def some truth there...i danced the dance in college a bit and glad it never really stuck with me as i watched what it did to several friends along the way....

  15. so true, if we can get rid of such things, children would become better human beings

  16. how a gift of 'blissful ecstasy' ruins everything.....a powerful write up...

  17. I'm the odd girl out, as usual. The reason so many folks develop lung problems from weed is all the additives the dealers put in.

    Patients with HIV - it's the only thing that can help them develop hunger and keep their food or their Boost down. Cancer patients as well.

    As far as recreational use, bad for teens, as their personalities are focused in the front lobe, which does not develop fully until age 25. I was 22 when I used it and I knew trusted suppliers. While some with addictive personalities should stay away from ANY drug, those who are old enough and who aren't addictive, I say legalize it, government oversight, sold directly over the counter, and tax the hell out of it. If we can drop drones on tribal populations, we can toke now and then - and have the taxes go directly to PUBLIC education.

    Yeah, I know. Let me have it, guys! Love you, Hank, and I respect your POV and that of all other bloggers! Amy

  18. cannabis has it's place in the medical world helping to relieve pain and suffering, but not on the street corners- young and old brains need to be cared for and not abused. Excellent.

  19. Yes such a deceptive gift. What healthy looking plants in the photo!

  20. The best gift we can give our children is the ability to think for themselves and be able to distinguish good from bad...