Saturday, December 7, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

                                                                                Attribution: Public Domain
Image: With the Various Characters
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Down the rabbit hole to a garden
Doors in her way too small to enter
Shrunk in size after drinking a potion
Cried flooding the hallway with tears

Swam with Mouse but it was offended
Alice enquired about her Cat was the offense
Animals and birds swept by in the flood
But raced in circles to dry up on the banks

White Rabbit looking for Duchess’ things
Mistook Alice for a maid and ordered indoors
Alice grew and crowd outside threw pebbles in
became cakes when taken made her smaller

Was with the Hatter at Mad Tea Party
Stormed off when bombarded with riddles
The Queen of Hearts difficult to please
‘Off with his Head’ she often quibbled

Called as witness in proceedings in a daze
Swarmed all over her were the pack of cards
Alice’s sister then dusted leaves from her face
That was the instance when Alice woke up

Not nearly a similar story line to that of the original
But near enough in some parts not entirely a ramble

Written for Claudia's hosting at d"Verse: Poetics:  Alice and Advent


  1. i think the swarm of cards is rather creepy...even the jaborwaky did not affect me as much...nice glimpse into the story through your words hank....have a great evening....smiles.

  2. Alice, and Brian Miller (above, Hi, Bri) are BOTH at my blog tomorrow!

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  3. I enjoyed this, Hank. It definitely is written in the spirit of Alice in Wonderland! I will be staying away from the Queen of Hearts.

  4. ah nice.. you know some of the characters there i wouldn't want to meet ... and yet... she learned a lot by dealing with what she was confronted with on the way....

  5. Indeed.. a lot of creepinness and stupidity in those characters.. but sure we can learn from them

  6. You've retold this with great energy and verve, hank. Thanks. K. Manicddaily

  7. Great rendering of Lewis Carroll's characters and tone, Hank!

  8. I was smiling at the part when the white rabbit mistook alive for the maid and ordered indoors ~ Good version Hank, smiles ~

  9. One might almost say 'the history of Alice in just a few lines' - a great summary with added baroque flourishes of your own!

  10. Retold through another view..I think you captured a lot
    in the chaos of the world or should I say wonderland..
    nice job Hank..

  11. Fantacy as social takes awhile to sort it all out but I loved the singing flowers and the horseflies in the well as tweedle dum and tweedle gave us another good look at it...

  12. I could picture her progress through the various stages of her life's journey in a nutshell. Reality seemed in short supply in her travels :-)

  13. haha another take which your partake, but still off with ones head, better to dream about it in bed

  14. I do not think there is much to learn from mean people except
    help others avoid them. Arrogantly they never consider themselves
    wrong and indeed have the right to tread on others, off with our heads!

  15. Alice really did fall into a crazy rabbit hole, well written.

  16. It is a curious journey.
    I wonder what would fall down the rabbit hole here.
    Fewer cards but more computers and old clothes.
    Travel through some random things =)