Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dark Shadows

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

Dark shadows darting
from house to house in
the cool of the night
Noted for their quick
movements but are they
of suspicious intentions?

(140 characters)

A Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140 characters for
Grandmas Goulash's Succinctly Yours week #144 and
to include the word - noted


  1. ha... good questions.. i think the slow moving shadows are much more creepy... but then...maybe they're just dancing a bit...smiles... happy sunday to you you hank

  2. Hmmm maybe they could be or maybe they will bring pleasure

  3. dark shadows could be good or bad..I guess one would need
    to confront them and ask..are you a good spirit or bad spirit..

  4. ah its a good never really knows...better to be safe than sorry...

  5. Nicely put, Hank. I wondered too about sinister happenings to come.

  6. Oh, I hope not on this Christmas morning! The clouds are amazing, though, aren't they?