Thursday, December 12, 2013

'because it's there!...'

                                                                                 Attribution: David Medcalf
Image: Cliff Climbing
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Written for:
3WW:  highlight  instruct  submit
Theme Thursday:  fate

Something to be said.
Of tempting fate
Thrill for the seekers.
Peril for the others
Not conniving.
But just bidding

Highlight the stunts.
Knievel for one
No bones unbroken.
Beyond redemption
Instruct a charge.
Against one so large  
Many dead.
The Light Brigade. 
Atop Everest, spectacular fare. 
Why? ‘because it is there’

But something’s got to give
For the elements of risks
Snuffed out brilliant careers
Dean,Walker and some others

Why? Why?Why?

Testing one’s luck.
To self destruct
Nor to submit.
For the timid
But thrills for sure.
Fun and adventure
Some fun and games.
No refrains nor restraints
Forgetting the pain.
Thrown to the winds

Shared with Thomg's 3WW and  Mrsupole's Theme Thursday


  1. ah but it sure gets the heart going to walk that line...but then again we should not be surprised when fate catches us...or does not...smiles.

  2. I could never understand throwing caution to the winds. I guess I'm just too chicken

  3. Flat on the ground one could be found, but some like the thrill, I'll just take a steep hill

  4. At times, I think we were all made to self destruct. If we're lucky, we learn to avoid it at all costs. Best to play it safe. :)

  5. Thrill seekers are bereft of is the only way they can feel anything,

  6. I've always failed at testing my luck. I think I agree with Crystal-best to play it safe.