Monday, December 23, 2013

He was not Indispensable!

                                                                                Attribution: Justin Martinez
Image: Trudging along
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

He ambled along trudging in guarded paces
His injured leg dragged slowly trailing behind
Created a light trail which quickly filled with water
The ground was soft it had rained hours before
They had unwittingly left him not realizing
He must have dozed off leaning behind the tree

There was no way anyone would come back for him
That would botch up the whole operation
They had taken great pains to keep it under wraps
Coming back for him would waste precious hours
He would have to make it on his own to catch up

Why he should be there in the first place
 He reflected on the events of the previous week
They said there were riches some buried treasures
They were looking for able-bodied men to join in
He thought this was going to be easy money
He was behind in payments for his mounting bills
This was the easy way out he thought to himself

How he regretted it now as there seemed to be none
They had no qualms of leaving him behind
He had to fend for himself for the rest of the way

How was he so gullible but there was no turning back
He had only to be on guard to stay relevant and alive
He was beginning to lose his faith by the minute
Had to be alert his wits around him when he caught up

He now sadly realized
He was not indispensable 
He felt he was being used
They might even decide
To bump him off!

Written for Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. Nice little noir narrative, leaving open so many doors -- will he be found or die out there? What kind of trouble is brewing ahead, or behind? You pick it up in media res and give us just enough to be hooked on the tale. Wanting more ... congrats!

  2. Reminds me a bit of the film, /All Quiet on the Western Front/. Nicely done.

  3. A fact we all learn a time or ten with things in life, hopefully not in a way that gets us bumped off though lol

  4. I guess we all battle to remain relevant and alive.

  5. I thought they were never left behind... must be hollywood

  6. sometimes we do dig our own grave like that adding a wisdom-plumage to our life... :(

  7. Yikes. Just so much fodder? I fear this.

  8. oy, got to be careful chasing the easy is not always what it is cracked up to be....and we can get ourselves in over our heads pretty fast....

  9. this is a sad and scary tale Hank… leaves us wondering what will happen next. Thanks for you kind words on my blog.. indeed I am a very fortunate person, deeply blessed.. my riches rise from a fount of love and connection. Wishing you joy and peace, now and always.

  10. It seems to have a universal them of trying to remain relevant in a world in a species too ready to turn on its own. Nice work!!

  11. Oh, Hank, this is powerful, and frightening.

  12. an ominous tale, Hank, leaves me wanting to read the next installment ~